Leave Extension Letter | Know How to Write & Check Sample Letters

A leave extension letter is written when you want to prolong an already granted leave in your workplace. A leave extension request can be raised either as an offline letter or an email. It can be your office or your school, or any other organisation, but there is always a process and a format that needs to be followed to write a leave extension letter.

How to Write a Leave Extension Letter?

Writing a leave extension letter is not a tough task, but it can be tough if you don’t know the format for it. It is quite obvious that a person leading a professional life must be well aware of the format of writing a formal letter in his or her workspace.

Generally, it is very hard for your higher authorities to allocate a long leave, but a few cases are considered looking into the genuineness behind the leave extension letter. So while writing a leave extension letter, you must mention your valid and honest reason behind extending your leave. Along with the leave extension request, you must mention the work allocation on your behalf so that the work is not hampered. Write your leave extension request in a very convincing tone so that it can be granted without any hassle. To be more specific, we have provided a few sample letters for your reference.

Sample Letters of Leave Extension Letter

A leave extension letter can be sent as an email or as a letter to the exact address. To be more clear about the format of the leave extension letter, as well as leave extension mail, refer to the samples below.

Leave Extension Letter to School


The Principal

Oasis International School, Indiranagar

Bangalore – 560015

Date: 17th February 2022

Sub: Requesting to Extend the Leave.

Respected Madam,

With huge respect, I, Amrita Gowda, TGT English, beg to state that my condition is still not better. I am on leave from 10th of February 2022, and I had mentioned that I shall be on leave for this week and would join the office from 18th February 2022, but as per the current reports, my wounds would still take some time to heal, and according to the doctor’s advice, I will have to bed rest for one more week. I have had a conversation with Mrs. Deepa Patil to take my allocated classes, and she has agreed to the same.

Requesting you to kindly consider my leave extension request till the 25th of this month. Apologies for the inconvenience caused because of me. I am attaching all the medical reports along with the letter for your reference. I hope you understand the situation and consider my leave extension request. I shall be highly obliged to you for the same and waiting for a positive response from your end.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Amrita Gowda

TGT English

Contact- 9876543210

Mail address- [email protected]


  • Doctor’s report
  • Doctor’s certificate

Leave Extension Mail at Office

To- [email protected]@gmail.com

Sub: Leave Extension Request Due to Bad Health.

Dear Sir,

I, Ashish Verma, with employee ID E098765, am writing this mail to inform you that I took leave from 10/02/2022 to 17/02/2022 because I have been tested positive for Covid-19. My test result is still positive, and my symptoms are still severe. Since I was admitted to the hospital because of severe symptoms, I need to rest for at least a month as per the doctor’s advice. I have allocated all my work to Mr. Shiv Kumar and Mrs. Vaishali, and they agreed.

I request you to extend my leave till 30/02/2022, but I shall try to make it before the mentioned date. Sorry for the inconvenience caused because of me. I hope you understand the situation and consider my request. Awaiting a positive response from your end, and I shall be highly obliged for the same.

Thank you.


Ashish Verma

Senior Analyst

Employee ID: E098765


  • Covid report
  • Doctor’s certificate

Frequently Asked Questions on Leave Extension Letter

To whom should we write a leave extension mail in an organisation?

You will have to write the leave extension mail to the HR of your company mentioning the leave extension request with a valid reason and proof for the same.

How do I write a leave extension letter?

To write a leave extension letter, you need to mention the dates and the reason behind the request. Write the letter in a humble and respectful manner along with the necessary proof for the same.

Can I extend my leave after sending a leave extension mail?

After sending the leave extension mail, you need to wait for your manager/higher authority to send you an acceptance mail which would be a confirmation for the said request.

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