Change of Address Letter to Bank | How to Write and Sample Letters

Do you want to change your address linked with your bank account? Do not worry. At times it becomes difficult for common people as well as the bank people to understand the basic requirements needed to write a change of address letter to the bank. When you are changing your personal house or your own company, the address change application in the bank is always a problem.

Just like we write other formal applications to banks, informal letters, letter to a friend, etc., which has a definite format, the people need to follow a particular format to write a bank account address change letter.

How to Write an Address Change Application in Bank?

If you want to write an address change application to the bank, you need to follow the formats for it, but not a lot of people are aware of the address change application format. You may require to shift to a new city or a new location, or you may need to shift your business to a new address, or you may require to change your mailing address linked to your bank. Most banks have shifted to the digital way of address change application in banks, but still, a few communities of people prefer it offline.

The very essential thing to mention in the change of address letter to the bank is the reason behind changing the address and your bank account details. Below, we have got a few samples of how people can write bank account address change letters to help make the process easier.

Address Change Application Formats

While writing a bank account address change letter, keep in mind that you have to be very humble and authoritative in your letter. Going through the below formats will definitely give you a clear idea of how to write an application to change your address in the bank.

Mailing Address Change Application Format


The Branch Manager

Bank of India

Lake View Branch

BTM layout

Bangalore -560076

Sub: Mailing Address Change Application.


With humble respect, I, Miss Amrita Jain, Chairperson of Digi solutions, request you to change the mailing address of our company, linked to your bank, with account number 3456789021345. After the meeting held with the board of directors, we have decided to change the mailing address of our registered office, as mentioned below. The mailing address has been changed because we have noticed that the mail ID has been blocked, and we are unable to receive emails on the same.

Old address: [email protected]

New address: [email protected]

Hence, we kindly request you to change the mailing address and reflect the same on the further documents as soon as possible for the above-mentioned bank account. We will be highly obliged.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Amrita Jain

Chairperson of Digi Solutions

Personal or Business Address Change Application Format

When you shift to a new location or change your house, you will need to change your residential address in the bank. If you are the owner of a business and are shifting your office to a new location, you will have to write an address change application in bank. Check the below samples to know the address change application format.

The Bank Manager

Bank of Baroda

Saheed Nagar branch

Bhubaneswar – 751002

Subject: Bank Account Address Change Letter.


I, Sarmistha Behera, have been a customer of your bank for 15 years with current account number 1234556788890. I would like to let you know that we recently changed our address because of shifting to Banadurga Nagar and so request you to kindly update the bank records with our new address, which is mentioned below.

Old address: #75, Saheed Nagar

New address: #89, Banadurga Nagar, Lane-8, Bhubaneswar

This is the only address to which you can communicate. I have attached the required address proof and documents to this letter. Please update the address as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Sarmistha Behera



  1. Copy of Electricity Bill
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card

The Manager,

Bank Name,

Branch Name,


Subject: Request for Address Change in the Bank

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I have a savings bank account with your bank, and I would like to update my new home address because I have moved to a new location. The following are the details of my bank account, including the new address:

Account Holder Name –

Account Number –

New Address –

The copy of my electric bill, as well as my Aadhar card, which reflects my new address, are attached as supporting documents.

Therefore, I request you to kindly update my new address in your records and use it for all future correspondence. I will be highly grateful.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]




[Contact Details]


  1. Copy of Electricity Bill
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card

The Branch Manager,

[Bank Name],

[Branch Address],


Subject: Bank Account Address Change

Dear Sir/Madam,

I ____ have been a savings/current account holder in your bank from _________. Due to some reasons, I have relocated to a new address. I am writing this letter to request you to change the address of my bank account ____ (account number XXXX) to your _________ branch [Branch Address]. Copy of my passbook and Aadhar card are attached as supporting documents for your kind reference.

My account details are as under:

Account Holder Name:

Account Number:

Account Type:

I am expecting a quick response from you, and I shall be obliged for the same.

Thank you,

Yours Sincerely,

[Your Name],

[Contact Details].


  1. Copy of Passbook
  2. Copy of Aadhar Card

Frequently Asked Questions on Change of Address Letter to Bank

How can I change my Company’s address in the bank?

In order to change the address of your company’s bank account, you will have to take the permission of the board members and write a letter to the bank manager requesting to change the address. Mention the old address and new address and other bank and personal details in the letter. Make sure you attach the relevant documents as proof.

What are the documents required for address change in the bank?

The documents required to change the bank address are copies of the electricity bill, government identity card, bank account statement, Aadhar card, passbook etc. You will have to attach the documents along with the address change application.

How long does it take to change and reflect the new address in the bank details?

It generally takes 8-10 working days to update the new address, but it depends on the bank as well.

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