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The most commonly used financial method for transferring money is a Demand Draft. A DD is created by deducting money from the account and instantly transferring the amount to the said receiver. A DD cancellation letter is written to the bank in case a person wishes to withdraw a DD. Go through the article for the format of a DD cancellation letter. Furthermore, read through the samples to learn how they are structured.

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Just like other leave application for work, letter to a friend, acknowledgement for assignment, etc., letters to be sent to banks for various purposes also have a format. Learn how to write a letter for DD cancellation by going through the samples in the article.

Why is a DD Cancellation Letter to Bank Raised? – Reasons and Procedure

A Demand Draft cancellation letter to the bank is written to withdraw the raised DD for the transaction. While writing a DD cancel application, the person needs to explain the reason behind it. The reasons for a demand draft cancellation letter can be wrong information of payee details, deactivation of bank account, etc.

In order to cancel the raised demand draft, the person will have to write a DD cancel application to the bank where you have applied and submit it by visiting the bank.

  • After you have submitted your demand draft cancellation letter along with the cash payment receipt, you will retrieve your payment.
  • If you have paid cash, then you will receive it in cash after a small cancellation charge deduction.
  • If you have paid through cheque, then the paid amount will be credited to the bank account.

How to Write a Demand Draft Cancellation Letter?

Writing a bank letter is very crucial because most people don’t understand the tone of writing an application. There is a format to every kind of bank application; similarly, there is a demand draft cancellation letter, and people need to be aware of the format.

To help people write an application for cancellation of demand draft with ease, we have provided a few pointers and samples. Read below to get the samples of writing a DD cancellation letter to a bank.

  • The language and tone of the dd cancellation letter should be formal and professional.
  • Do not forget to add the subject, your bank details correctly, the reason for the DD cancellation and your name.

Demand Draft Cancellation Letter Format

An application for cancellation of demand draft should be written by the person who had submitted it. The person needs to follow a specified format in order to write a DD cancellation letter to a bank.

A DD cancel application must be submitted along with the payment receipt. The application for cancellation of demand draft must include the proper bank details, bank address, the amount of DD and the DD reference number. For your better understanding of the demand draft cancellation letter format, we have provided a few samples below.

Sample Application for Cancellation of Demand Draft

Check the below-provided samples of DD cancellation letters for a better understanding of the demand draft cancellation letter format.



#68, 1st Main Road

2ns Cross


11th February, 2022


The Branch Manager


Market City Branch



Subject: Cancellation of Demand Draft


I had raised a DD request on 20th January, 2022 favouring Mr. Namit Bijlani for Rs. 60,000 at the City Lane branch of your bank. Due to the closure of the receiver’s account, I will have to withdraw my DD. So, I request you to kindly cancel my DD with reference no.34567. I further ask that the funds be credited to my account number (mention your account number).

In addition, I authorise the bank to collect any and all fees associated with the cancellation of the demand draft.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,




  • Original DD receipt


From address


The Manager

Name of the bank



Subject: Cancellation of My DD with No.____


Dear Sir,

You are hereby requested to withdraw the above-mentioned Demand Draft with no ___, which was issued by your bank on ____ for rupees _____ in favour of _____. The DD has not been used due to _____ reasons.

I would like you to cancel the DD and put the funds into my savings account with ______ (A/c number) number. If any charges are incurred, they must be paid in cash.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,



Frequently Asked Questions on DD Cancellation Letter


Can I cancel my demand draft online?

No, a demand draft cancellation cannot be made online. It is compulsory for the person to visit the bank for DD cancellation.


Can I visit any branch for the DD cancellation?

No, the person will have to visit the same branch for the DD cancellation. The demand draft can only be cancelled by the person who had applied for it and not someone on behalf of him.


What is the deadline for cancelling a DD?

A demand draft can be cancelled within 3 months from the date of issue. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulation, a demand draft is valid for three months from the date it was issued by the bank. You can revalidate the DD after the third month by writing to the issuing bank.


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