Experience Letter for Teacher: Check How to Write with Samples

An experience letter is needed in every sector may it be your school or your corporate company. It is needed while changing your current organisation to a new one. An experience letter for the teacher will be generally provided by the principal of the school while you are leaving the school after you have completed your notice period.

An application for an experience certificate for a teacher can be written when the school doesn’t provide you with the experience letter. An experience letter for a teacher is basically a certificate that proves that the person has worked in the institution for a certain period.

How to Write an Application for Experience Certificate for Teachers?

If your school has not provided you with the experience certificate while relieving you, then you will have to write a formal letter requesting your school’s authority to provide you with an experience certificate. An application for an experience certificate can be written in a similar format to that of a letter
to the Principal by a student. An application for an experience certificate for a teacher will include the details of the years you have been teaching, the date of joining and leaving, etc. The application should be written in a humble language requesting an experience certificate. Check the below-provided samples for your reference.

Sample of Writing an Application for Teacher’s Experience Certificate


The Principal

St. Thomas School

Gwalior – 827368

Date: 21st February 2022

Sub: Request for Experience Certificate

Dear Madam,

With humble respect, I, Sulaghna Tripathi, beg to state that I have been working in your institution since 4th January 2012 as TGT Biology but had applied my resignation on 20th January 2022 for my career growth. Now I have completed my notice period and have received my relieving letter from the authority, but I haven’t received the experience certificate along with the relieving letter. Therefore, I request you to kindly issue me the experience certificate for the 10 years as soon as possible so that it would not be a problem for me to apply in other schools.

Hope you understand my concern and will process my experience certificate as soon as possible. I shall be highly obliged for this kind help.

Thank you.


Sulaghna Tripathi

TGT Biology

How to Write Experience Certificate for Teacher

If you are a person with authority and you need to provide the experience certificate to a teacher, who has resigned, then you can refer to the below-provided samples for the same.

Sample of School Teacher Experience Certificate

Marrylane School

XYZ sector, Pune

Employee Name: Diksha Mishra

Employee Address: #76, Lane 6, Banaswadi, Pune

Employee Id: T0876

Phone: 8888888888

Email: [email protected]

Date: 21/02/2022

To Whom This May Concern

This is to certify that Ms Diksha Mishra has been a PGT English at our school since 2009, teaching classes 10th, 11th, and 12th. She has taken a genuine interest in imparting sufficient knowledge to the pupils in a kind and sincere manner. Her teaching methods have always been confident in their ability to provide the most trustworthy catering concepts, and her overall behaviour with students and other staff is commendable. We have seen her tremendous growth over the years, and we feel she will continue to progress in her career.

We wish her All the Best in her future endeavours.


(Signature with seal)

Mrs Joanna Rao


Marrylane School


Happy Teaching School

Sector 7, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Employee Name: Surabhi Rawat

Employee Address: 57, Lane 4, Jayanagar, Bangalore

Employee Id: T0134

Phone: 9999999999

Email: [email protected]

Date: 21/02/2022

This is to confirm that Surabhi Rawat with ID E0776 has worked as a Maths Teacher at our Happy Teaching School in Sector 7, Jayanagar, Bangalore, for three years, from 18th February 2016 to 20th February 2019.

During her time at work, we found her to be highly responsible, energetic, and diligent. She has the potential to be a valuable contributor to any organisation. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavours.


Mrs Deepali Singh

(Signature with seal)


Happy Teaching School, Bangalore

Frequently Asked Questions on Experience Letter for Teacher

What is an experience letter for a teacher?

An experience certificate for a teacher is a certificate to prove that the teacher has worked in an institution for a certain period/years and has been performing well in the institution.

How to write an experience certificate for a teacher?

While preparing an experience certificate for a teacher, you must mention the details, including Issue date, principal (or the authority) details, signature, the seal of the school, school’s address, and the staff’s details like date of joining, employee ID, subject of the teacher etc.

Who should provide the experience certificate in school?

An experience certificate from the school will be provided by the principal.

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