Courier Letter Format | Learn to Write with Sample for Reference

Sending a courier to someone? A courier letter or a declaration letter to a courier is a formal letter to ensure the receipt of your package. The courier declaration format includes the details of your package like tracking number, type of item sent, and the amount paid for the same. The courier letter format has been mentioned for your reference.

Read the article to know the courier declaration letter format. Refer to the samples provided below for the same.

How to Write a Declaration Letter for Courier?

While sending a parcel, some courier persons may ask you to write a declaration for it. To write a declaration for courier, you will have to follow the format for the same. A declaration letter for courier would include all the data related to your package like the tracking number, the date you sent the parcel, your address and contact details, and what kind of item is being sent.

A courier letter format is basically like other formal letters and other application letters. To follow the courier declaration format, refer to the below-provided samples, which will help you understand the format better.

Sample of Writing a Declaration Letter for Courier

Refer to the below-provided courier letter format for your reference to write a declaration letter without any hassle.

Sample Letter for Courier Sending


The Head (or any concerned authority)

DTDC Courier,


Bangalore – 560016

Date: 11/02/2022

Subject: Declaration for sending my company laptop

Dear Sir/Madam,

Myself Amrita, and this is to inform you that my address is #75, Outer Ring Road, Mahadevpura, Bangalore, and I am sending a parcel through your courier, with tracking ID 7654322, to Athira V S, living at #65 Rayrajpur, Delhi.

I declare that the parcel is non-fragile and is a dress material as a birthday present to my friend and it has no commercial value. I have paid the courier charge of Rs. 250 for the parcel. I ensure that the details provided in the letter are correct and are written by me.


Amrita Jain

#75, Outer Ring Road

Mahadevpura, Bangalore.


The Head,

Flying Machine Courier

India Gate, New Delhi

Date: 11 February 2022

Sub: Declaration for sending marketing materials

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to confirm that the consignment contains marketing materials for advertisement, which is being sent to our below-mentioned branch office for distribution to our dealers for free.

The items in the package are not for sale, therefore, there is no commercial value.

It is a certified consignment that does not contain any illicit or prohibited materials as defined by the country’s law and order. The value paid for the parcel is Rs. 6000.

Materials Detailed Information




Sugar Sales Ltd.

Outer Ring Road, Mahadevpura, Kamdhenu Nagar, Bangalore

Karnataka – 125 326


VAT NO. ***************

TNGST NO: *************

CST NO : ***************

160 Pcs packed in 8 packets

Our – VAT No : ********

CST No : **********

Thank You.


Vasant Rao

Sector-7, India Gate,

New Delhi

Frequently Asked Questions on Courier Letter Format

Why is it important to write a courier declaration letter?

A courier letter is important to declare that the parcel sent by you would be safe and you will be responsible for any mishap for it.

How can I write a courier declaration letter?

In order to write a courier declaration letter, you will need to mention the details of your package like the tracking ID, address, receiver’s details, etc. Write in a formal language, declaring the parcel’s details.

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