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If asked about your memories of school life, you will definitely have a lot to say, but there would be one common thought that all of us share as school going kids – the plight of writing leave letters. There are many who just avoided taking leave for any reason just because they would have to write a leave letter. Moreover, it had to be signed by parents as well, so writing leave letters was never an easy task. Draft after draft after draft, it never ended, right. This article on leave application for school will explain how it can be written and thereby ease the process of writing leave letters.

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Format of Writing a Leave Letter for School

Leave letters come under the category of formal letters, and so the format of a leave letter is the same as any formal letter. When writing a leave letter in English, see to it that you use formal/professional English language.

  • Begin with the receiver’s address as it is mostly handed over to the concerned person directly.
  • The date should be mentioned as it indicates when the letter was written.
  • The subject comes next. It should be as precise as possible.
  • Use a respectful salutation.
  • When you write the body of the letter, mention clearly the reason for which you are applying for leave and the time period of your leave.
  • Maintain a neutral tone throughout the letter.
  • Write to the point. Do not use long, unwinding sentences that might confuse the reader or present the content of the letter as confusing.
  • Proofread the letter, edit and correct spelling and grammatical errors, if any, before you submit it.
  • Attach any additional documents if necessary. For example, medical certificate, on duty certificate, etc.

Some Sample Leave Application Letters for You

Have you been asked to write a letter to the principal requesting for leave? Here is what you have to do. Be brief and genuine when you are writing a leave application and provide enough information to quote the reasons for your absence. Go through the sample leave applications given below for a better understanding of the format of writing a leave application for school.

Leave Application 1 – Leave Letter to Principal – To Participate in the National Level Literary Competition

The Principal

Holy Angels High School

Bangalore – 560025

25th September, 2020


Subject: Leave application to participate in the National Level Literary Competition


Respected Ma’am,

I am Susan Caro, student of Class X C. I have won first place in the Elocution competition and have been selected for the next level of competitions that will be held in New Delhi. The National Level Competition will be held from the 3rd to the 7th of October. I will have to report to the venue at 9 am on October 3rd.

I request you to kindly grant me leave for a week (2.10.2020 – 8.10.2020). I will make sure to take note of all the lessons and complete the work that will be given during my absence.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Susan Caro

Leave Application 2 – School Leave Letter Format – Sick Leave

The Principal

DAV Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Mysore – 570045

May 6, 2021


Subject: Sick leave request


Respected Sir,

My son Keshav has been admitted at KIMS Hospital due to severe food poisoning and fever. The doctor has advised him to take complete rest at least for a week. He has become completely weak and anaemic.

I request you to kindly understand our situation and grant him leave for a week from May 7th to May 12th. I am attaching the medical certificate for your reference. I will make sure that he completes all the assigned tasks once he gets back to school.

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Sheela Raj

Leave Application 3 – Letter to Principal for Leave – Going Out of Station

The Principal

Perks Matriculation Higher Secondary School

Coimbatore – 641056



Subject: Leave request for going out of station


Respected Sir,

I am Adharsh, a student of Class VII B. As my brother is getting married on the 5th of August (Thursday), I will have to leave along with my family tomorrow (3rd August) to Kerala. I will be returning to Coimbatore on the 9th of August (Monday). I would be highly obliged if you could kindly grant me leave for a week (03.08.2021 – 09.08.2021). I will make sure to find out the lessons completed during the week and submit all of them in a week’s time.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,


Class VII B

Roll No. 12

Leave Application 4 – Letter of Absence

The Principal

Nehru Vidhyalaya

Malda – 732101

West Bengal



Subject: Letter of Absence


Respected Sir,

I am Dennis, father of Renita (student of Class VIII C). This is to inform you that my daughter met with an accident on her way to school today morning, and she is admitted at Hem Hospital. She has been injured badly, and the doctors are doubting possible fractures as well.

I request you to kindly excuse her absence from school until she recovers completely. I will take the help of her teachers and friends to keep track of the daily lessons and tasks. I will also provide the medical certificates when she gets back to school.

Thank you in advance for understanding.

Yours faithfully,

Dennis A

Frequently Asked Questions on Leave Application for School


What are the details to be included when I write a leave letter for school?

When writing a leave letter for school, make sure you clearly state the reason for absence and the dates on which you would want to take leave. You can also mention the date on which you would be returning to school and assure to finish all the work that has been assigned during your term of absence.


What is a leave application?

A leave application is a formal request for permission to take leave from regular classes or work. It has to be short, to the point, genuine and should state the time period and reasons for absence.


What is the format of a leave application?

A leave application includes,

  • Receiver’s address
  • Subject (Purpose of the letter)
  • Salutation
  • Body of the letter (including the reason for leave, number of days with particular dates, date of return)
  • Complimentary closing
  • Signature


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