Joining Letter After Leave | Check the Format and Samples

A joining letter after leave or a rejoining letter is a formal letter written by the employee or a former employee to the employer when they want to rejoin the organisation after a long break. A joining report after leave is generally written addressing the CEO/Manager/HR/Principal. A joining letter after leave is written in the formal letter format and the language used should be simple. The letter should explain all details of your leave and the rejoining. Read the article to learn the format in detail and check the samples for the same.

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Joining Application after Leave – Formats and Samples

In our lifetime, we have written various kinds of letters to various people such as permission letters, letters to the HR for different reasons, applications to the Principal of the school, transfer applications, informal letters, etc. A joining letter after a long leave or an unpaid sabbatical leave has to mention all information pertaining to your leave and your joining date.

Joining Letter after Leave – Format

A joining letter after leave shall be written in the following format:

  • Name and address
  • Date
  • Company’s name and address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • Body mentioning the reasons
  • Closure of letter
  • Your name and details

Samples of Writing a Joining Report after Leave

To understand the format better, we have provided a few sample letters for your reference.

Joining Report After Maternity Leave

Tejaswini Mohapatra

75 Kamalam, B. Narayanpura

Mahadevpura, Bangalore

24th February, 2022


The HR Manager

Assure Pvt.Ltd

Mahadevpura, Bangalore


Sub: Rejoining office after maternity leave


Dear Chethan,

This is to inform you that I would be rejoining work from the 1st of March, 2022. I have been on maternity leave since March 3, 2021, and it ends on the 28th of February, 2022. I am sharing my employee ID and other job information for your reference. Kindly go through them and let me know if there is any other information I need to provide.

Name: Tejaswini Mohapatra

Emp ID: E0000

Role: Content writer

Dept: Digital marketing

Request you to consider this letter as my official intimation and do the needful.

Thank you.




ID- E0000

Content Writer


  • Medical reports
  • Copy of the leave approval

Joining Application after Leave due to Illness

Sofie Soni

#779, Sri Vihar Enclave

Banaswadi, Bangalore



The Chief Academic Officer

SAFF Solutions

Banaswadi, Bangalore


Sub: Request to resume work after medical leave


Respected Sir,

I am Sofie Soni with employee ID E0000, working as Content Head in the Digital Marketing Team. I would like to inform you that I was on leave from 18th – 26th of January, 2022 because I was affected with COVID-19. I will be joining work on 27th February, 2022 as discussed over the phone.

I have attached my medical test reports along with this letter. I request you to kindly accept the joining letter. Awaiting your approval.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,





Rejoining Letter

Karishma Dutta

887, Dairy Circle

Koramangala, Bangalore



The Principal

Marian School of Social Science

Dairy Circle, Bangalore


Sub: Intimation of rejoining work


Respected Sir,

I, Karishma Dutta (TGT English), am writing this letter to intimate that I am ready to start work from the 3rd of April, 2022 as discussed previously. I had taken a sabbatical leave of two months (March and April) to complete my doctoral thesis. I have finished all research work and my viva is scheduled in the month of June. Kindly consider this as my official intimation and allow me to rejoin work from Monday (03/04/22).

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,



TGT English

Frequently Asked Questions on Joining Letter After Leave


Why is a joining letter after leave sent?

A joining letter after leave is written to the organisation where you are working. It is written to inform your workplace that you will be joining the office on a certain date after a long leave.


How do I write a joining application after leave?

A joining application after leave can be written following the formal letter format including the details like the sender’s address, date, receiver’s address, reasons behind the rejoining in the body of the letter, complimentary closing, signature and name in block letters. Also make sure you attach the necessary documents for reference along with the letter.


Can I write a rejoining letter after I have resigned from the company?

Yes, you can write a rejoining letter after you have resigned from the company but you will have to mention the reasons behind your resignation and your rejoining.


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