Preposition Exercises for Class 8

Prepositions can be defined as a word or group of words before a noun or pronoun to indicate the position, direction, time and location. Some examples of prepositions are in, on, at, in front of, about, above, below, under, opposite, beside, beneath, between, with, for, of, by, in case of, in addition to, since, prior to, next to, before, after, aside, hence, except, during, due to, as far as, amongst, amidst, among, along, ahead of and so on.

Here are some preposition exercises for Class 8 with answers for you to test your knowledge of prepositions.

Exercise 1 – Identify the prepositions in the following sentences

  1. I went to a lovely Christmas party.
  2. The death of 40 jawans was shocking.
  3. He lives in a village in Ranikhet.
  4. She got a new guest in her house.
  5. It is very humid in the Summer.
  6. She gave a rose to her mother.
  7. He was preparing for his examination.
  8. He used to visit his friend in the hospital every evening.
  9. The land of the Bisnois in Rajasthan is known for the conservation of wildlife.
  10. Large numbers of otters are found in the marshes near Basra, a town in Iraq.
  11. We were too tired to go to the market.
  12. 40 paramilitary personnel were killed in the bombing.
  13. The Nile is said to be longer than all the other rivers in the Eastern hemisphere.
  14. The incident took place in Bawamohatra, a village in the Bemetara district of Chhattisgarh.
  15. The villagers were emotionally attached to the reptile.
  16. Even the kids of the village could swim around him.
  17. People keep unusual pets for pleasure.
  18. The following is a story of a baby civet cat that fell from a tree and was raised by humans.
  19. Through his photo stories, he seeks to inculcate in children a love for nature and wildlife.
  20. Civet cats are found in most parts of India.
  21. I am taking a nap with my brothers.
  22. My home is a little thatched hut by a river in a small village in Assam.
  23. One night I slipped and fell to the ground.
  24. I sleep during the day and am active at night.
  25. It helps me balance on tree-tops and branches.
  26. I mostly live on trees, though I do come down to the ground.
  27. Things were piled on top of one another.
  28. They are kept in a pan of water to keep them alive.
  29. He caught me and threatened to dip me in water.
  30. It is time for me to play with Mama.
  31. Mama always leaves a midnight snack by the lantern.
  32. Around the world, as communities expand and natural wild places are reduced, people and wildlife are increasingly coming into conflict over living space and food.
  33. Every being with a will to live has the right to live free from exploitation and suffering.
  34. You have read the story about Nelson Mandela in your textbook, First Flight, and the struggle of the people of South Africa.
  35. He states that freedom comes with responsibilities.
  36. I must thank you for the affectionate and warm welcome.
  37. I wish to place before you a few thoughts which occur to my mind as incidental to our hard-won freedom.
  38. Freedom has come to us through sacrifices.
  39. In India today, there is no time for useless controversies and unnecessary debates and disputes.
  40. The great university of life is full of experiences.
  41. Whatever trials and troubles we might have passed through, there is no denying the fact that we have a precious inheritance and the teachings we have received from the departed leaders are great assets for us.
  42. You should draw a curtain over it.
  43. It was a bitterly cold night, and even at the far end of the bus, the east wind that travelled along the street cut like a knife.
  44. The man with a great vague grievance against everything and a particular grievance against passengers came and sat in his seat while he shivered at the door.
  45. He had the law on his side and the whole bus full of angry people under the harrow.
  46. The conductor came to the door.
  47. They took out a pocket-book with a gesture of terrible things.
  48. The conductor took another turn on the pavement.
  49. That brought the driver round to the door.
  50. He went away and took his stand a few yards down the street, where he was joined by two more constables.

Answers: 1. To; 2. Of; 3. In, in; 4. In; 5. In; 6. To; 7. For; 8. In; 9. Of, in, for, of; 10. Of, in, near, in; 11. To; 12. In; 13. In; 14. In, in, of; 15. To; 16.of, around; 17. For; 18. Of, from, by; 19. Through, to, in, for; 20. In, of; 21. With; 22. By, in, in; 23. To; 24. During, at; 25. On; 26. On, to; 27. On top of; 28. In, to; 29. To, in; 30. For, with; 31. By; 32. Around, into, over; 33. With, from; 34. About, in, of, of; 35. With; 36. For; 37. Before, to, to; 38. To; 39. In, for; 40. Of, of; 41. Through, from, for; 42. Over; 43. At, of, along; 44. With, against, against, in, at; 45 on, of, under; 46. To; 47. With, of; 48. On; 49. To; 50. Down, by

Exercise 2 – Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions

  1. The little dog blinked ____ the lights.
  2. The conductor walked _____ the pavement.
  3. The Pekinese party was passing _______ every stage.
  4. ____ some parts ____ our country, there are frequent reports ______ Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).
  5. They were believed to be space ships carrying aliens _______ other planets.
  6. People have given evidence _______ support of their observations.
  7. They had seen unusual objects flying ______ the sky.
  8. A farmer returned ________ the market.
  9. He cannot leave the goat alone ________ the cabbage.
  10. The enemy was _____ the gate.
  11. Things did not spread instantly _______ the whole nation.
  12. It is the story ____ a young girl.
  13. She joined school _______ an American town.
  14. The children _______ the school found her different.
  15. There are many people who have prejudices _______ others _____ the basis of social, economic, racial, and ethnic differences.
  16. He was born ______ 8 January 1942, exactly 300 years __________ Galileo died.
  17. She sprinkled sugar and cinnamon _____ the apples.
  18. Joey had gone bicycling up Shingle Hill ______ Chet Pudge.
  19. She skipped ________ the house, ______ the gate, and climbed _______ the fat old hitching post in front.
  20. She looked up the New Dollar Street and down the New Dollar Street _____ a sign of Joey or Rufus.
  21. These germinate ______ the fields _______ the first rain.
  22. She went home ______ several hundred seedling trees.
  23. These techniques developed ______ the women became extremely helpful.
  24. The festival begins _______ the mud walls _____ the home painted.
  25. Women gather _____ the courtyard, cleaning the seeds _______ the husks and chatting ______ each other.
  26. He would use this opportunity to tell them ________ the advantages of shifting _______ Delhi.
  27. _________ festive gatherings, the women went to town ________ the food; outside catering was unheard of.
  28. Teatime was special ______ our home.
  29. The journey of Araku Coffee from a livelihood initiative ______ the Naandi Foundation, to a globally appreciated product, has been in the making for over a decade.
  30. A walk _________ the rope bridge leads to the sixty-four acre island of Nisargadhama.
  31. The journey to the Valley of Flowers begins about 16 km _____________ Joshimath.
  32. ________ the past few years, thousands of visitors have ‘discovered’ this idyll.
  33. Intelligence is accompanied _______ human affection and compassion.
  34. Father Gilligan was overworked and extremely tired as he kept attending ______ the sick.
  35. A flock ________ wild geese passed overhead.
  36. It was wounded and fell just _____________ Siddhartha.
  37. He lifted it, and he drew the arrow very carefully _________ its body.
  38. The fascinating and world-famous Sanchi stupa is located ______ a hilltop in Sanchi town.
  39. The original construction work of this stupa was supervised _____ Ashoka.
  40. The Great stupa _____ Sanchi is one of the oldest stone structures ____ India.
  41. These events are explained ______ the Jataka tales.
  42. Our grief is different from those _______ you.
  43. The ultimate cause lies ______ the human mind.
  44. The discussion turned _______ a quarrel.
  45. Anger is nothing but the absence of peace _______ oneself.
  46. We express it either ______ being assertive or aggressive.
  47. Realising your own shortcomings can become one of the greatest strengths of character _________ the years to come.
  48. There is a great deal ______ violence in the world.
  49. Education is supposed to help you to go ______ all that.
  50. Vanka raised his eyes _______ the dark windowpane.

Answers: 1. At; 2. On; 3. At; 4. In, of, of; 5. To; 6. In; 7. In; 8. From; 9. With; 10. In front of; 11. Around; 12. Of; 13. In; 14. Of; 15. Of, on; 16. On, after; 17. On; 18. In; 19. In front of, beside, up; 20. For; 21. In, after; 22. With; 23. By; 24. With, of; 25. Around, from, with; 26. About, to; 27. During, with; 28. At; 29. To; 30. Over; 31. From; 32. Over; 33. With; 34. To; 35. Of; 36. In front of; 37. From; 38. On; 39. By; 40. At, In; 41. In; 42. Of; 43. In; 44. Into; 45. With; 46. By; 47. In; 48. Of; 49. Through; 50. To

FAQs on Prepositions


What is a preposition?

A preposition is a part of speech that indicates the position, direction, time and location of the noun or pronoun.


What are some examples of prepositions?

In, out, on, at, around, in front of, behind, after, until, beneath, above, over, on top of, opposite, etc., are some examples of prepositions.


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