Preposition Exercise for Class 7

If you are looking for preposition exercises for Class 7, you have come to the right place. This article will provide you with complex prepositions exercises which you can practise in order to improve your knowledge of prepositions.

Prepositions are a part of speech that connects one part of the sentence to another and helps in delivering meaningful sentences. Prepositions are used before a noun or a noun phrase and are used to indicate the direction, location, time, spatial relationship or position. Using the right preposition is very important as it alters the meaning of the sentence completely. To be able to use the right prepositions at the right places, you should work on preposition exercises.

Identify the prepositions in the following sentences:

  1. We must tackle the root of the problem.
  2. The ultimate cause lies within the human mind.
  3. He opened the letter and was happy to find the money with it.
  4. The postmaster collected about 70 pesos from his colleagues and sent them to Lencho.
  5. A trader swore that even with a hundred attempts, the tailor would not be able to take a coil of thread from him without his knowledge.
  6. The trader lay awake troubled by the situation and could not sleep a wink.
  7. He put a piece of satin cloth under his arm and went to the bazaar.
  8. The tailor sprang up from his seat and welcomed the trader.
  9. He flung down the piece of silk.
  10. He was snipping away with his scissors rapidly.
  11. The trader closed his eyes in joy.
  12. The trader fell over on his back with laughter.
  13. The tailor continued to tell funnier and funnier tales and jokes until the trader was completely within his power.
  14. With his eyes shut and his reason vanished, the bewildered and boastful trader was drunk with joy.
  15. Eventually, the tailor became bored with the whole story.
  16. He supports his family through farming.
  17. The entire land is wrecked by catastrophe.
  18. Raavi is an engineer in a manufacturing firm.
  19. This is one of the convocation speeches delivered by him.
  20. My brother was hiding under the table.

Answers: 1. Of; 2. Within; 3. With; 4. About, from, to; 5. With, of, from, without; 6. By; 7. Under, to; 8. From; 9. Of; 10. With; 11. In; 12. With; 13. Within; 14. With, with; 15. With; 16. Through; 17. By; 18. In; 19. Of, by; 20. Under

Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

  1. Gifts are ____ many kinds.
  2. _____ present, I cannot say anything.
  3. You have to think about whether you have done everything to deserve the freedom that you have attained _____ such a bitter and sustained struggle.
  4. The foundations _____ freedom have to be well and truly laid.
  5. We have to reflect _____ our place in this broken and destructed world and what our duty and obligations are!
  6. I would like to urge _____ those who train citizens of tomorrow and to those citizens of tomorrow that we have yet to stand on our feet.
  7. When we took over _____ them, the administrative fabric was _____ tatters.
  8. The great university _____ life is full _____ experiences.
  9. India abounds _____ the resources _____ nature and manpower.
  10. This you can do only if you work _____ single-minded devotion _____ the cause _____ the country.
  11. _____ the far end _____ the bus, the east wind that travelled _____ the street cut like a knife.
  12. The young woman was dressed _____ sealskin.
  13. His eyes rested _____ old malice _____ the beady-eyed toy dog.
  14. This was the opportunity _____ which he had been waiting, and he intended to make the most _____ it.
  15. He stepped _____ _____ the pavement and waited.
  16. He had the law _____ his side and the whole bus full _____ angry people _____ the harrow.
  17. Two or three passengers got _____ and disappeared _____ the night.
  18. That brought the driver round _____ the door.
  19. There was no hope _____ that quarter.
  20. He returned _____ his seat and resumed beating his arms _____ his chest.

Answers: 1. Of; 2. At; 3. After; 4. Of; 5. On, in; 6. Upon, of, to, of, on; 7. From, in; 8. Of, of; 9. In, of; 10. With, to, of; 11. At, of, along; 12. In; 13. With, on; 14. For, of; 15. On to; 16. On, of, under; 17. Out, into; 18. To; 19. In; 20. To, across

FAQs on Prepositions


What are 5 examples of prepositions?

He went to school.
I am looking at the sky.
Stella came with Ruby.
Did you find Bob near the gate?
I found these shells beside the beach.


What is a preposition of place?

A preposition of place is a word or group of words that denote where something or someone is located. For example: beside, in front of, opposite, on top of, under, in, out, beneath, aside, etc.


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