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Most of us have heard the age-old proverb ‘health is wealth’, but has anyone ever wondered why health is considered wealth? This speech will help students give an effective short speech on health. It will include all the important aspects necessary to cover in a speech about health.

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What Is Health?

When we say the word ‘health’, what do we mean by it? As per the WHO (World Health Organisation), health is referred to the state of full mental, social and physical well-being and not just the absence of mental or physical weakness or illness. When a person doesn’t have any physical ailments and isn’t mentally disturbed, then they can be said to be in their best health. People usually try to stay healthy but, due to the recent pandemic, it’s becoming difficult to maintain one’s health.

How Should One Take Care of Their Health?

The spread of the corona virus over the past two years has made it difficult for everyone to maintain their health. Though this is the case, one should try to follow some simple ways that will help them keep their bodies and minds healthy. Let’s look at some ways that anyone can follow:

  • Try including some physical exercises/yoga in your routine. They not only prove to be beneficial for the body but also for the mind. For the past two years, offices, as well as schools and colleges, have been functioning online. As a result, many students and young people have developed backaches and posture problems. Adding at least half an hour of yoga/exercise to your daily routine will help you overcome these problems.
  • In today’s world, everybody is engrossed in their mobiles or laptops, and there’s very little time they spend without it. Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break from all these electronic and smart devices. This will help us maintain proper physical and mental health.
  • A good night’s sleep is an easy and effortless way to maintain your health. Your body works to repair all the cells and make sure that your body functions properly the next day in the time that you rest. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is necessary for any adult being.
  • Try to avoid processed or fried foods and make sure that your plates include enough vegetables and fruits. A healthy platter does wonders for one’s health.
  • If you are feeling disturbed or upset about something, talk to your near and dear ones; you can also consult a specialist if you need. Just like physical health, mental health is also something that is to be considered important. When we fall ill, we have medicines; similarly, if someone is feeling mentally unwell, they should consult a specialist.

Precautions to Be Taken during the Pandemic

With the COVID19 pandemic going on for the past two years, one should take the following precautions to avoid getting affected by the virus. Here are some simple steps one can follow:

  • Always put on a mask whenever you step out of your houses. This is applicable to people of all ages.
  • Everyone should avoid going to crowded places as there is a high risk of getting affected.
  • If you feel you are affected by the virus, seclude yourself from the rest of your family members and keep in touch with your doctors so that everything is monitored and you stay out of danger.
  • Try to eat healthy food and fruits that’ll help you develop immunity.

Frequently Asked Questions on Speech on Health


What is health?

As per the WHO (World Health Organisation), health is referred to the state of full mental, social and physical well being and not just the absence of mental or physical weakness or illness.


What should one do if they feel they are affected by the virus?

If one gets affected by the virus, it’s advised to isolate oneself from the rest of the family members and be in constant contact with doctors.


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