Retirement Speech for Boss

Retirement is a major point in an individual’s life as it marks the end of their career. To honour and thank the individual for their service to the particular institution, a retirement function is usually organised. As part of the celebration, a speech is normally given quoting the commendable professional performance the person has shown in all those years. This is also an attempt to encourage others to do more and work towards the betterment of the institution or organisation they are working for.

Learn how to write a retirement speech for your boss in this article. Also, go through the sample speech given in the article to have a clear idea of how to draft a speech on your own.

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What is Retirement?

Before preparing a retirement speech for your boss, you need to understand what the word ‘retirement’ means. In simple terms, retirement is the time in a working professional’s life when they step down from their position or withdraw from their work after working for a specific amount of time. Retirement can be voluntary (for personal reasons) or mandatory (since they have reached a particular age of retirement).

Preparing a Retirement Speech for Boss – What to Say?

People who retire after working for long years often are overwhelmed by emotions, so make sure you put all that you have to say about them and to them carefully.

You can start by addressing the audience with a special mention to your boss. Be mindful of the purpose of the speech you’re delivering. Try to incorporate all the achievements of your boss that have helped the company or have added a feather to its cap. Speak about the ways in which their guidance has helped you progress in your career. You can also collect some thoughts about the kind of person your boss was from a few other colleagues who have worked side by side with them. You can later end the speech by thanking them for their efforts and wishing them the best.

Sample Retirement Speech for Your Boss

Good evening everyone! With tearful eyes and a heavy heart, I stand here on this dais to bid farewell to the person who has been the main pillar of this institution. Mr. Richard James has been the reason behind the company’s growth. In all these years, he has given nothing but the best in everything that he was entrusted with. He was equally popular among higher officials as well as his team members because of his endearing and approachable nature. No one ever hesitated to enter his room. He was always available for anyone who needed his help and ever open to new ideas. He lived by the motto – ‘The more you learn, the more there is to be learnt”. To everyone he guided, he was a motivation and a role model. His colleagues who had worked with him from the very start are also here today to wish him the best. This alone is proof enough for the kind of person he was and is till date. He still lives a humble life in spite of the years of experience he has. He is the perfect example of how we all should lead our personal and professional lives. There is a lot we have already learnt from him; we are still learning. We hope to follow your footsteps and do our best to promote the growth of our company and to uphold your legacy. I, on behalf of everyone gathered here, would like to say that we will never forget what you have taught us all these years and that we are going to miss you. Farewell, dear Sir!

Frequently Asked Questions on Retirement Speech for Boss


What is retirement?

Retirement is a time in a working professional’s life when they step down from their position or withdraw from their work after working for a specific number of years.


Who can deliver a retirement speech?

Anyone in the organisation can deliver a retirement speech for their boss.


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