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The one thing apart from television that allows everyone be aware of what’s going on in and around the world is the newspaper. Newspapers come under the category of print media. If someone can read the daily newspaper, they will develop vast knowledge about current affairs. In this article, you will learn about the important aspects of newspapers which will help us to prepare a short speech on newspapers.

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What Is a Newspaper?

A newspaper is an example of print media. The events that are occurring in and around the world are written in the form of reports in the newspaper. By reading newspapers, people can have a basic idea about what’s going on around the world. Daily newspaper reading makes a person socially aware of the different events. Previously one had to wait for the morning newspaper, but now, with the advent of technology, one can get to read E-newspapers too. The E-newspaper not only saves paper but also can be stored for a longer period of time, unlike the newspaper. If you’re a student, you should develop the habit of reading newspapers daily only then you will be aware of all the events that are taking place.

What Is the Importance of Reading Newspapers?

How would you convince the audience to start reading newspapers? It’s by discussing the importance of reading newspapers through a speech on newspaper. Let’s have a look at why reading newspapers are beneficial to everyone.

  • Newspapers are a great source of current affairs. Reading newspapers regularly will help students familiarise themselves with events that are going on in and around the world. Children who are well versed in current affairs tend to be very good quizzers.
  • It is through reading newspapers that students come to know about the economic situation of their country. Students should have a primary idea about the economic policies.
  • Newspapers also help students to enhance their vocabulary and reading comprehension. It is through newspapers that children learn many new words which they can put to use later.

Frequently Asked Questions on Speech on Newspaper


Why should one read newspapers?

Newspapers inform people about the happenings around the world. Reading newspapers regularly can keep you updated and well-informed about everything across every field.


Is E-newspaper good?

In recent years E-newspapers have gained popularity among people. People who don’t get enough time to read newspapers can easily choose E-newspapers and get to know about all the recent events of the world.


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