Action Words in English - Explore What They Are and How to Use Them

What are you doing? Do you often get asked this question? What do you say? Do you know the right action words that describe what you are doing? Learn what action words are and how they can be used in sentences in this article.

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What are Action Words?

Action words include those words that are used to express an action that is done by the subject. In most cases, an action word marks its appearance right next to the subject.

According to the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, the term ‘action’ is defined as “the process of doing something in order to make something happen or to deal with a situation.” So, in simple terms, a word that is used to describe the action done by the subject is called an action word.

To help you attain a deeper understanding of the action words in the English language, go through the following list of the most commonly used action words in everyday language.

How to Use an Action Word in a Sentence?

Has it ever occurred to you that action words are verbs? Well, they are verbs and using them in sentences should be easy if you have already learned how to conjugate a verb according to the various tense forms and the given context. All verbs are not action words, but the usage is the same. Take a look at the following examples to have an in-depth look at how they behave when used in sentences.


  • Santhosh closed the door.
  • Ann painted a picture of her great grandfather.
  • The baby clapped as she heard the little cocktail singing “If you are happy and you know it”.
  • The lawyer advised me to keep all the required documents ready for verification so that there would not be any sort of confusion.
  • My brother crawled onto the sofa and sat there as if nothing had happened.

Commonly Used Action Words in English

Are you struggling to comprehend what action words are? Here is a list of the most commonly used action words in the English language. By going through these words, you can easily differentiate action words from the wide range of vocabulary that keeps getting updated every other day.

Ride Sit down Win Drink Knit
Stand Throw Close Open Skip
Sleep Cut Eat Cook Sip
Fight Play Give Dig Bath
Laugh Dance Climb Talk Ski
Read Wash Crawl Wait Dive
Fly Turn off Fall Snore Bow
Listen Sing Dream Watch Buy
Cry Write Clap Sew Stack
Think Jump Knit Paint Shake

Action Words in the Alphabetical Order

There are numerous words in the English language that can be used to describe an action that is done by a performer or a group of people that act as the subject in a sentence. A comprehensive list of action words arranged in the alphabetical order is given below for your reference. Go through it and learn as many words as possible to improve your vocabulary.

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘A’

Accelerate Advised Assess Abominate
Accomplish Advocate Assist Abort
Accuse Analyse Attain Abscond
Achieve Apply Audit Absorb
Acquire Appoint Author Abstain
Adapt Arbitrate Authorise Abuse
Adopt Architect Abandon Accept
Address Arrange Abhor Acclaim
Administer Ascertain Abide Accommodate
Advance Assemble Abolish Accompany
Accomplish Accumulate Acknowledge Act
Activate Address Admire Advance
Advertise Advice Affirm Affix
Agree Aim Alienate Admire
Act Advance Affix Access
Advance Agree Affirm Assemble

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘B’

Balance Bark Bend Backfire
Bill Beautify Bid Bake
Brief Beg Blackmail Ball
Budget Behave Blame Banish
Built Baptise Banter Bring

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘C’

Calculate Collaborate Conceptualise Correct
Capture Collect Conclude Criticise
Carry Command Coordinate Claim
Catalogue Communicate Conserve Comb
Champion Compare Consolidate Cry
Chart Compel Conduct Customise
Clarify Compile Consult Call
Classify Complete Continue Camp
Close Compute Contract Care
Coach Conceive Convert Chase
Challenge Charge Carve Check
Cheat Cheer Construct Colour
Curve Create Clear Crush
Cycle Counsel Confess Clap
Count Confuse Craft Crawl

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘D’

Define Devise Draft Delete
Delegate Direct Drive Deny
Deliver Discover Damage Depend
Demonstrate Dispense Dance Describe
Deploy Display Deal Detect
Design Distribute Dare Diagnose
Detail Diversify Declare Differentiate
Detect Divert Dedicate Dig
Determine Document Defeat Direct
Develop Double Defend Disclose
Disappear Disagree Discuss Divide
Donate Drag Drain Draw

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘E’

Earn Endure Examine Enter
Edit Energise Exceed Entertain
Educate Enforce Execute Enjoy
Effect Engineer Exhibit Escape
Elect Enhance Expand Exercise
Eliminate Enlist Expedite Expand
Emphasise Ensure Experiment Expect
Enable Establish Export Explode
Enact Estimate Empty Extend

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘F’

Facilitate Formalise Face Film
Familiarise Form Fail Finish
Finalise Formulate Fetch Fire
Finance Foster File Fit
Forge Found Fill Fix
Flap Flash Fold Follow

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘G’

Generate Guard Grab Grasp
Govern Gain Greet Gather
Graduate Gift Groan Glorify
Guide Guide Grant Gamble
Garnish Gasp Gaze Grind

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘H’

Halt Hypothesis Hang Help
Harness Hammer Haunt Hug
Head Hand Hatch Hunt
Hire Handle Harm Hurry
Honour Hang Heal Hail
Harvest Heave Hypnotise Heed
Hop Hinder Hoard Hoist

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘I’

Identify Illtreat Import Institute
Idealise Illuminate Improve Instruct
Idolise Illustrate Improvise Integrate
Ignite Imagine Increase Intensify
Ignore Implement Influence Install
Inspect Insert Inform Introduce
Insinuate Inspire Initiate Insist
Instill Interview Innovate Invent
Implant Interpret Imitate Impress
Impoverish Inhabit Infect Imprison
Impose Imprint Investigate Indicate

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘J’

Jab Jerk Juggle Judge
Jabber Jiggle Judge Jump
Jail Jingle Join Justify
Jangle Jitter Jolt Juxtapose
Jostle Jounce Join Jog

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘K’

Keep Knit Kick
Kneel Kayak Knock

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘L’

Launch Listen Lament Launder
Lecture Locate Laminate Look
Lead Laugh Lodge Launch
License Love Leave Learn
Levitate Lengthen Lift List

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘M’

Maintain Market Modify Mentor
Manage Master Monitor Model
Manipulate Measure Motivate Magnify
Map Mediate Meditate Mantle
Mend Migrate Marry Marinate

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘N’

Navigate Nominate Narrate Neutralise
Negotiate Notify Navigate Normalise
Nominate Nourish Neglect Notice

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘O’

Observe Operate Overcome Open
Obtain Orchestrate Originate Overhaul
Offer Organise Outsource Oversee
Officiate Orient Obey Occur
Objectify Order Outline Operate
Obligate Offend Owe Oppose
Obsess Observe Overrate Optimise

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘P’

Participate Persuade Predict Plan
Perceive Pilot Prepare Position
Perfect Pinpoint Prescribe Prioritise
Perform Pioneer Present Progress
Publish Process Preside Produce
Purchase Procure Programme Paddle
Project Paralyse Perceive Paint
Promote Pardon Permit Pamper
Propose Park Pack Penetrate
Prospect Provide Personify Pay

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘Q’

Qualify Question Quarrel Quicken
Quantify Quote Quarantine Quit

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘R’

Rate Reduce Redesign Reorganise
Realign Reengineer Reconquer Repair
Rebuild Refer Record Represent
Recapture Race Rebel Research
Receive Raise Recall Respond
Recognise Read Reinforce Restore
Recommend Realise Review Reposition
Reconcile Retrieve Resolve Report
Record Recount Rejuvenate Renegotiate
Recruit Regain Render Revise
Restructure Regulate Recharge Rehabilitate

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘S’

Satisfy Specify Scream Scribble
Schedule Speak Slap Seal
Secure Standardise Scrub Shop
Select Stimulate Share Search
Separate Solve Smile Squeeze
Serve Scold Serve Suspend
Shape Scare Settle Smell
Simplify Swap Shiver Suggest
Sell Scratch Simmer Synthesise
Solidify Strip Spell Surpass
Stretch Support Summarise Smash
Stitch Succeed Switch Smoke
Strengthen Sail Supervise Soak
Supply Save Spoil Systematise

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘T’

Target Translate Touch Tighten
Teach Tear Trade Tolerate
Talk Think Transfer Toss
Terminate Thank Transform Transcribe
Test Threaten Transport Transfer
Thwart Thrill Treat Transform
Train Throw Trust Tickle

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘U’

Unify Untie Unpack Utilise
Use Uninstall Unroll Uncover
Update Unleash Unwind Underestimate
Upgrade Undo Unlock Underscore

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘V’

Validate Verify Vote
Verbalise Varnish Voyage

Action Words that Start with the Letter ‘W’

Weigh Wait Welcome Wink
Watch Wash Wrap Worry
Write Wander Whisper Wrestle
Wake Wind Whistle Wreck

Frequently Asked Questions on Action Words in the English Language


What are action words in the English language?

Action words are the words used to express an action done by the subject. There are numerous action words in English vocabulary. And in most cases, an action word marks its appearance right next to the subject.


List 25 commonly used action words in the English Language.

Ride, Sit down, Win, Drink, Stand, Throw, Close, Open, Sleep, Cut , Eat, Cook, Fight, Play, Give, Dig , Laugh, Dance, Climb, Talk, Knit, Kiss, Hug, Bath, Ski


List 100 action words in the English language.

Calculate, Earn, Endure, Examine, Enter, Edit, Energise, Identify, Import, Install, Investigated, Idealise, Improve, Instituted, Imitate, Idolise, Improvise, Instruct, Implant, Navigate, Nominate, Negotiate, Notify, Nominate, Nourish, Normalise, Notice, Observe, Overcame, Open, Obtain, Overhaul, Operate, Offer, Oversaw, Oppose, Officiate, Obey, Participate, Predict, Progress, Paint, Perceive, Prepare, Project, Pamper, Perfected, Prescribe, Promote, Rate, Redesign, Recharge, Renegotiate, Realign, Reduce, Reconquer, Reorganise, Rebuilt, Reengineer, Record, Satisfy, Solve, Scream, Shop, Schedule, Specify, Scribble, Slap, Secure, Speak, Scrub, Smash, Select, Standardise, Seal, Smell, Separate, Stimulate, Search, Smile, Target, Translate, Touch, Teach, Tear, Trade, Talk, Think, Transfer, Terminate, Thank, Transform, Unify, Undress, Unite, Uninstall, Update, Unleash, Upgrade, Unlock.


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