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Even a few years ago, the concept of online classes wasn’t much heard about. But due to the Covid 19 pandemic, be it schools or colleges or universities, every educational institution has started online classes, to make sure students don’t miss out on their studies. So what would you talk about if you were asked to give a speech on online classes for 1 minute? This article will cover all the key points that you can incorporate into your speech. Let’s have a look at them.

What Do Online Classes Mean?

In today’s time, almost every student and person has heard about online classes. Previously only very few educational institutions offered online classes for a few courses. But due to the Covid 19, when all educational institutions have closed down, the new method of education started with online classes. Online classes can be conducted in many ways; only the person needs to have a stable internet connection.

Present and Future of Online Classes?

With the present scenario, online classes hold a promising future in days to come. With the widespread of Covid 19, online classes act as the best way to continue education without breaking the covid protocols. The online classes have made sure that no students miss on their education and also save extra costs of the school. It might so happen that in the future, we all end up attending online classes as well as attending classes in school too.

Advantages of Online Classes

There are many advantages of online classes. Let us have a look at those.

  • One of the advantages of online classes that prove to be beneficial for schools is that a large number of costs that were previously incurred on electricity or keeping the school premises clean gets saved.
  • A large amount of transportation costs gets saved due to the online classes. Teachers or students who stay away in far off places easily attend online classes just with a press of a button and a stable internet connection.
  • Students who can’t afford high education costs can continue their education via online classes and get the resources they need.
  • Online classes allow students to have access to a large plethora of information as well as great teachers. They can choose their desired course and attend online classes and get to learn as well as obtain certifications for the same.

Disadvantages of Online Classes

Even though online classes have a lot of benefits, they have a few disadvantages too. Let’s take a look at those.

  • One of the most common issues that are faced while conducting or attending online classes is network problems. Not all places have an ample number of towers, so people living in interior regions might face connectivity issues.
  • Since students now have much more access to smartphones than usual, they end up spending more time on the phone; as a result, most students suffer from addiction. A common complaint among most parents is that students have ended up spending hours on their phones.
  • With the facility of attending classes just by sitting at their homes, students have ended up having back and eye problems as a result of sitting in a bad posture and staring at the screen for too long.
  • With online classes, students now lack the contact of a physical being (i.e. the teacher). Students often grow bored with online classes as they don’t get the exposure they used to have.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Classes Speech

What does an online class require?

A stable internet connection and a smartphone or laptop are required for online classes.

Are online classes good or bad?

Online classes have both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, online classes allow students and teachers to follow the covid protocols. On the other hand, spending hours on the phone is increasing the chance of students getting addicted to social media.

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