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The term ‘internet’ is a commonly discussed topic because of its prominence in today’s world. It is also one of the topics that is chosen for speeches. Now, if you are asked to write a speech on internet, what points would you include? Confused! Well, this article will walk you through all the points that you can include in your speech. Check it out.

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Speech on the Importance of Internet

The internet has become an indispensable part of everyday life. The internet was first invented by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf . While internet has many advantages, it does have disadvantages too. The following section speaks about the advantages of the internet.

  • Free material availability – Many students can’t afford expensive books, so the internet serves as the best way for them to avail free study materials. The internet gives scope to many kids to go through various study materials and choose from a wide range of information.
  • Facilitates online learning – With the COVID-19, study and work became completely online. The availability of the internet is what allowed students to attend classes, sitting at their homes. This made learning possible even in the midst of the pandemic.
  • Connects people from far and wide – Many of our family members and friends stay at different places and with the internet, it has become easy for us to catch up with them through video calls or emails. Before this, people had to pay a huge amount of money to connect with their beloved ones who were living far away from them.
  • Start a business – Many of you might have heard about online business. If one is planning to start a small business, one can easily do so with the internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

A good speech on the internet will include both advantages and disadvantages. You already what the advantages are; now, let us look at some of the disadvantages of the internet.

  • Overuse – One of the disadvantages is overuse. The internet has always attracted more and more people from the time of its existence. The pandemic just elevated this situation. With the introduction of online classes, students got to use their phones for a longer time, which in turn, increased their screen hours. This is true in the case of adults as well.
  • Loss of creativity and imagination – With the internet giving answers to every question people have and giving ideas for any topic, the creative and imaginative intellect of children and adults alike have drastically dropped. Most often, it is not being used at all.

The internet has, for sure, opened doors to multiple possibilities. It has a lot that can teach you about anything and everything under the sun. It is in the hands of the users to use it wisely and beneficially, without causing any harm to the others.

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Who invented the internet?

The internet was first invented by Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf.


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