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One of the most important topics relevant to elocution or group discussion, especially among students, is junk food. Since junk food is loved by all, especially students, when it comes to citing the pros and cons of having junk food, students find it hard to spot its cons! This article will cover all the relevant points that are necessary for giving a speech on junk food for 1 minute. Let us go through the key points that this article will cover.

What is Junk Food?

The main reason why children are so obsessed with junk food is that they don’t really know which kinds of foods fall under the category of junk food. Junk food includes all those foods which are packed or are either processed and contain immense amounts of calories (either fat or sugar) and a very minimum amount of nutritional value. Foods like chips, chocolates, soft drinks, and fried foods are some of the common junk foods that all of us have eaten at some point in our life.

How Does Junk Food Affect Our Body?

It’s evident that people of all ages love gorging on junk food. But having junk food on a daily basis has adverse effects on our bodies. Let’s see how having junk food affects our bodies.

  • Have you noticed that nowadays most people, including school-going children, are suffering from high cholesterol or high blood pressure problems? These are mainly because they are either obese/overweight due to all the junk food they’ve consumed.
  • Most children of all ages suffer from indigestion and irregular bowel movements. This is mainly because children nowadays have included junk food as their regular food habits instead of eating healthy food.
  • Since these junk foods taste great, most of us overindulge in junk food. As a result, we don’t quite keep in check how many calories we are intaking. Excess calories on a daily basis cause multiple problems in our body as well as the brain.

Ways to Keep Our Body Healthy

If you are asked to stop eating all kinds of junk food, it would be a kind of impossible task for anyone. So how do we keep our body healthy even after consuming junk food once in a while? Here are some ways by which anyone can maintain proper health and still have some junk food in their diet.

  • One of the simple ways to keep our body healthy is by including green leafy vegetables and fibrous fruits in your diet. These vegetables and fruits absorb and remove all toxins in our bodies.
  • Check our calorie amount before putting the food on the plate. Every person should intake the right amount of calories to maintain their body weight.
  • Try to avoid consumption of high amounts of saturated fats especially found in red meat, cookies, pastries, chocolates etc. These foods increase the risk of heart diseases later in life. If you want to eat, try to have these kinds of foods once or twice a month.

By following these simple tips, one could easily remain fit yet enjoy the savoury taste of junk foods.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Junk Food Speech

What is junk food?

Junk food includes all those foods which are packed or are either processed, and contain immense amounts of calories (either fat or sugar), and a very minimum amount of nutritional value.

How is junk food harmful to us?

Having junk food on a regular basis increases the risk of having heart-related diseases and other long term ailments.

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