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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a world without water? What would you do if there ever comes a time when you have to live by the saying, ‘Water, water everywhere. Not a drop to drink’. Learn all about the importance of water in this article.

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Water – Why Is It So Important?

Water that is clean and available readily is important as it contributes to a great extent in maintaining good health. The uses of water are plenty. Human beings use water for drinking, cooking and other domestic purposes. Water has the potential to keep the human body and mind healthy and sound. It is very essential to keep the body hydrated at all times. Most of the diseases are caused either due to inadequate consumption of water or due to the consumption of contaminated water.

It is ironic that in spite of 71% of the Earth’s surface being covered with water, there are parts of the world that have conflicts over the right to having access to particular water supply regions close to their habitats. This is happening because the lives of all organisms living on the Earth are dependent on water, and most of the Earth’s water has already been contaminated with industrial waste, garbage, plastic, oil leaks and so on. Cleaning the water bodies is something that has to be done as soon as possible but what is more important is that we take an oath to stop polluting the water bodies and be bound by it.

Short Article on Save Water

Water acts as a vital nutrient to every cell in your body and acts as a building material. Having the right amount of water will help you regulate your body temperature. It forms saliva and lubricates joints. It boosts the health of your skin. Your digestive system also depends on your water intake. It helps to flush out body waste and also helps maintain blood pressure. It prevents kidney damage and also aids in weight loss. All these multiple properties of water are reasons that are more than enough to understand the importance of water in the life of human beings and what the situation would be like if we do not preserve water.

The initiative to save water can start with individuals taking care to stop wasting water unnecessarily. Noting that taps are closed properly after use, checking for leaks, collecting rainwater, reusing and recycling used water are some of the ways to stop excessive and unnecessary wastage of water.

Detailed Article on Save Water

Water pollution is an issue we have all been witnessing for a while now. With the steady increase in population and the growing demand for all resources, it is crucial that we take measures to stop polluting our water bodies and save the little that is left for ourselves and the future generations.

Water takes up most of the Earth’s surface and is also a major part of our body. Like all living things are dependent on water for survival, the organs in our body require a good amount of water for the proper functioning of the whole system. Every other day, there is someone complaining about not having enough water. The only way to channel water for everyone to use it according to their needs is to stop contaminating the water bodies with industrial waste, chemicals, plastic and garbage and to stop using excessive amounts of water.

Leaders and communities around the world have been trying to emphasize on the importance of saving water by funding various activities to preserve water, and organizing campaigns to motivate and support even the less privileged strata of society to lend a helping hand in the movement to save water.

There are many simple ways to save water. The only thing required is to conscientise people about the necessity of saving water and gradually bring a change in the way they use water. The most common and easiest ways to conserve water would be to:

  • Check for any kind of leaks
  • Stop running water
  • Keep taps closed
  • Take short showers
  • Cook seasonal food
  • Steam instead of boiling vegetables
  • Reuse water for activities like watering your plants, washing your car, cleaning machinery and other equipment, etc.

With a little alteration in our regular lifestyle, we can create a huge change. Some effort is better than no effort at all. Let us, together, try our best to spread the word, starting with our nearest and dearest to the whole world, about the immediate need to conserve and preserve water.

FAQs on Save Water


Why should we save water?

Water is the main source of life on the Earth. Without it, life would not be possible. Human beings, plants and animals depend on water for survival. Water is required to keep us healthy and to protect the environment. Contaminated water can lead to many complications that could even result in death.


How can we save water?

Reducing the consumption of water is one very effective way to save water. Taking shorter showers, using less water for cleaning and washing and turning off running taps are some of the steps you can take to play your part in the movement to save water.


How can we reduce the usage of water in the kitchen?

Reducing the usage of water in the kitchen is a task that almost seems impossible. Try following the below mentioned steps to help you with it.

  • Steam instead of boil when possible
  • Wash plates when you are completely done with your cooking
  • Soak stubborn stains
  • Do not wash vegetables in running water
  • Reuse water that is used for cooking.


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