Meghalaya Board Class 8 Syllabus

Students preparing for the exams should download and refer to the Meghalaya Board Class 8 Syllabus and plan their studies accordingly. Here, we have provided the links to download the PDFs of MBOSE Class 8 Syllabus for subjects like Maths and Science. The syllabus is developed in such a way that it gives a clear overview of the structure of the course and its major objective. Get a clear idea about the topics covered in the subject from the syllabus.

Download Meghalaya Board Class 8 Syllabus PDFs

Find an overview of the entire Maths and Science Syllabus for MBOSE Class 8 from this article.

Meghalaya Board Class 8 Mathematics

List of Curricular Contents

Unit I: Number System

Unit II: Algebra

Unit III: Commercial Mathematics

Unit IV: Geometry

Unit V: Mensuration

Unit VI: Data Handling

Unit VII: Introduction To Graphs

Financial Education

Meanwhile, the prescribed textbook for Class 8 Maths is given in the Syllabus. It is Maths Alive – VIII (Coursebook & Workbook) by M/S Harper Collins Publishers India.

Meghalaya Board Class 8 Science & Technology

List of Curricular Contents

1. Food Production and Management

2. Microorganisms

3. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics

4. Metals and Non-Metals

5. Combustion, Flame and Fuels

6. Conservation of Plants and Animals

7. Cell – Structure and Functions

8. Reproduction in Animals

9. Force, its Effect

10. Friction

11. Pressure

12. Sound

13. Chemical Effect of Electric Current

14. Static Electricity (Lightning and Thunder)

15. Light

16. The Sky and its Objects

17. Earthquake

18. Natural Resources (Forest, Soil and Minerals)

19. Pollution of Air and Water

Find also the prescribed textbook for Class 8, according to the syllabus. It is called Science Explore and Learn – VIII by M/S. Anshu Publication.

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