Meghalaya Board Class 9 Syllabus

The Syllabus helps a student to not only prepare for the exams but also gives an overview of the all-important course. Here, we have provided Meghalaya Board Class 9 Syllabus for Maths and Science subjects. Students can download the PDF format of the syllabus from the links given in the table below. The syllabus PDF will contain all the important topics and concepts from Class 9 on the specified subject. The concepts are as per the guidelines given by the MBOSE.

Download Meghalaya Board Class 9 Syllabus PDFs

Also, get a bit of an insight into the syllabus from this article.

Here, students can get an idea about the list of units from Class 9 Maths and the marks weightage for the exams, based on the units. We also provide a list of topics covered in each unit.

Distribution of Marks


Number System

08 Marks



20 Marks


Coordinate Geometry

06 Marks


Geometry and Construction

20 Marks



16 Marks


Statistics and Probability

10 Marks


80 Marks

List of Units & Topics Under It

Unit I: Number Systems

  1. Real Numbers

Unit II: Algebra

1. Polynomials

2. Linear Equations In Two Variables

Unit III: Coordinate Geometry

  1. Coordinate Geometry

Unit IV: Geometry

1. Lines And Angles

2. Triangles

3. Quadrilaterals

4. Area

5. Circles

6. Constructions

Unit V: Mensuration

  1. Areas
  2. Surface Areas & Volumes

Unit VI: Statistics & Probability

1. Statistics

2. Probability

Meghalaya Board Class 9 Science & Technology

The concepts covered in this syllabus have been divided into sections such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Find the marks weightage per stream as well as the list of topics under each.

Distribution of Marks


26 Marks


26 Marks


28 Marks


80 Marks

List of Topics


  1. Motion
  2. Force
  3. Gravitation
  4. Work And Energy
  5. Sound


  1. The Matter In Our Surroundings
  2. Is Matter Around Us Pure?
  3. Atoms and Molecules
  4. Structure of Atoms


  1. Cell: The Fundamental Unit of Life
  2. Tissues
  3. Diversity In Living Organisms
  4. Why Do We Fall Ill?
  5. Natural Resources
  6. Improvement In Food Resources

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