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Best Books For IIT JEE Maths (Main and Advanced)

Best Books For IIT JEE Maths
Best Books For IIT JEE 2023 – Understanding the concepts and its applications while preparing for JEE Exams is crucial for obtaining better scores, particularly in JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Initially, the prime focus should be on learning each and every concept taught in NCERT textbooks because it is essential to master the basics concepts before moving on to the advanced level. After completing all the exercises in subsequent chapters from NCERT textbooks, you are ready to move to the next stage of IIT JEE preparation.

The next step is to understand the complex and difficult concepts included in JEE Main and JEE Advanced Syllabus that might not be covered in the NCERT textbooks. Candidates can do some research and get some reference books for IIT JEE. This will be helpful, especially in learning Maths concepts. Besides, understanding the theoretical portion in Mathematics is equally important as practising different problems. Therefore, get a good grip of the theorems and concepts thoroughly before jumping into solving questions. In Maths, you should also focus on understanding how theorems and formulas are derived and the intention behind several conventions and ideas.

Best Math Books For JEE Main and Advanced

The detailed list of IIT JEE books that can help students successfully cover the entire JEE Mathematics syllabus is mentioned below:

Best Book for JEE Maths
1. Course in Mathematics for IIT JEE, Tata McGraw Hill publications

2. Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics, A Das Gupta

3. 36 Years’ Chapterwise Solved Papers, Arihant

4. Class 11th & Class 12th Mathematics, R.D. Sharma

5. IIT Mathematics, M.L. Khanna

Unit Best Books
Algebra Higher Algebra, Hall and Knight
Algebra, Arihant
Higher Algebra, Barnard & Child
A Textbook of Matrices, Shanti Narayan
Trigonometry Trigonometry, S L Loney
Calculus Calculus & Analytic Geometry, Thomas & Finney
Integral Calculus, Arihant Prakashan
Differential Calculus, A Das Gupta
Problems in Calculus of One Variable, I. A. Maron
Calculus, J. Edward
Coordinate Geometry Textbook of Coordinate Geometry, A. Majeed
Vector Algebra, Shanti Narayan
Co-ordinate geometry, Dr.Gorakh Prasad

It is not mandatory to keep all the above-mentioned books, instead of that, it’s better to analyze each and every topic included in JEE Mathematics syllabus and then make a wise choice of opting for best maths book for JEE Main and Advanced in order to utilize your time efficiently.

Important and Best Books for IIT JEE Maths

JEE Preparation Tips To Master Mathematics Section

1. After preparing certain topics from NCERT and other advanced textbooks, it’s better to practice several problems from previous year’s question papers for analyzing your understanding of concepts.

2. After solving any problem, always look for the standard solution given in the textbooks. Since most of the concepts included in JEE Syllabus are interlinked, therefore, prepare from the very beginning and don’t skip or start random chapters.

3. Never prepare the same topic from several books. This might lead to the confusion of concepts. Also, do not engage in rote learning or memorizing the concepts. They should learn how to apply the idea to solve a problem.

4. Stay focused and prepare with complete dedication. Candidates can createย maths dictionary, flashcards, and even keep a separate notebook for formulas. All these will help them remember important points and concepts easily.

Engaging in rigorous practice is crucial for scoring well in the JEE 2023 Mathematics section. But, the most pressing question is, โ€˜What should I practice and from Where should I practice’?

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