NTSE Question Paper 2016

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a scholarship exam for the students who wants to pursue their studies in the field of science. The exam is conducted by National Council of Education Research and Training. Every year more than 45, 00, 000 aspirants give the NTSE exam out of which only 1000 are awarded the scholarship.

NTSE exam is known for its very tough competition so to score good marks in the examination students are advised to follow a proper preparation strategy. The NTSE exam paper consists of 200 multiple choice questions with time duration of 3 hours. Therefore students are advised to practice thard to improve their time management skills.

Benefits of solving NTSE Question Paper 2016

  • Understanding the exam pattern
  • Helps to learn time management skills
  • Helps to build confidence
  • Developing speed and accuracy

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NTSE Question Paper 2016


Question Paper

Answer Key

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Identify the steps (denoted by numerals) in physiology of digestion in stomach.

i).Food HClKills Bacteria Chyme

ii).Pepsinogen Prorennin HClActivation Pepsin Rennin

iii).Proteins Pepsin Proteases Peptones

iv).Milk Casein RenninPara casein Calcium Calcium paracaseinate