Half Life Period

Half Life Period

Students of Physics would have come across the term radioactivity as it is one of the core topics in this subject. One could specify the half or mean life as a way to quantify the speed of its occurrence which in reality would never end in principle. To make things simple, we would relate this concept with real-world examples like the healing of muscles after a workout and so on.

Half-Life Meaning

The radioactive element’s half-life would mean how much time the half of it would take to decay viz. transform into a different element also referred to as the daughter element.

This would mean that if a radioactive element has a one-hour half-life, that half would decay within an hour and the remaining would decay within another hour. The question then comes as to why the remaining material did not decay in the hour after the first.  If the radioactive element is given in a case where half of the atoms have decayed after one-half life, it would be proper to assume that they have a life expectancy at the average level as well defined viz. the atoms with mean life that is much longer than their half-life. This would mean that the half-life divided by 2 which is the natural algorithm would be the mean life.

Understanding The Concept Via Experiment

To know how radioactive decay happens, let us do an experiment with a fair cluster of people owing to the fact that the statistical observation would give a fairly clear outcome. In this scenario, there would be around 1000 people inside a hall with each one among the group been given a coin. The coin would denote the capacity to decay and each individual represents the atom with radioactivity.  The individuals could be asked to toss their coins per minute once.  If the result of the toss heads, the individual could be asked to leave the hall (denoting atom decay) and if the result is tails, there is no need to take action except waiting for one minute more for another attempt for the toss.

From the above example, you would have realized as to how this topic has been discussed with enthusiasm among students owing to its importance.  This is why the topic of radioactivity would be researched much extensively in future in the years to come.

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