JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper

JEE Advanced 2017 paper 1 and paper 2 was conducted by IIT Madras in the offline mode on 21st of May 2017. The Top 2.2 lakh candidates from JEE Mains were eligible to appear for this exam. The question paper had a total of 10 sets (code 0 to code 9). Each set was divided into 3 sections (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry). The exam pattern of JEE Advanced 2017 was almost similar to the examination conducted last year. Soon after the examination, JEE Advanced 2017 question paper, answer keys and JEE Advanced 2017 solutions were made available on the website. The merits of practising JEE Advanced 2017 question papers are:

The students will come across a variety of important concepts and several complicated problems that are generally not covered in the textbooks or in the study materials provided by the coaching institutes. Ultimately, advancing your preparations to a different level. Analysing these JEE Advanced  2017 solutions thoroughly will enhance your approach, speed, accuracy, thought-process and time management skills while attempting the main exam.

These question papers will enable a quick revision of the entire syllabus by providing a general idea of the concepts important for the examination point of view. The time required for answering the questions can be managed effectively by having a proper idea about the exam pattern. It is, therefore, essential for students to practice these JEE advanced 2017 solutions and question papers thoroughly while revising any particular subject.

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper

These previous years JEE Advanced 2017 question papers will assist you in identifying the type of questions expected in the exam along with their difficulty level. Reviewing these previous year question papers will help in identifying the weightage of different chapters included in the syllabus. This will help the students in streamlining their preparation in the right direction by ascertaining the topics and questions that are frequently covered in the examination.

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper Analysis

There were total of 54 questions (183 marks) in each JEE Advanced paper 1 and paper 2 with 18 Questions (122 marks) from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Out of total 386 marks, 151 marks were allotted to the class 11th syllabus and whereas 215 marks were allotted to the class 12th syllabus.

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper

JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper Difficulty Level Analysis

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 and Paper 2 Difficulty level Analysis
Subject Physics Chemistry Maths
Category Questions Marks Questions Marks Questions Marks
Easy 16 52 9 28 12 42
Moderate 15 53 10 36 18 58
Difficult 5 17 17 58 6 22
Total 36 122 36 122 36 122

JEE Advanced Paper 1: In comparison to chemistry, questions from Physics and Mathematics were comparatively easier. Both these sections were moderate in terms of difficulty whereas chemistry was quite difficult.

JEE Advanced paper 2: The difficulty curve of questions asked in physics section was in between moderate to tough because of the lengthiness and the calculative nature of the problems. Questions from Mathematics were comparatively easier than the other two subjects. Chemistry was difficult mainly because of the application-based approach of the questions. However, students having a good conceptual knowledge found it moderate in terms of difficulty.

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper

Overall JEE Advanced 2017 question paper was comparatively easier than the last year. Chemistry was most difficult whereas Mathematics was moderate and physics was comparatively easier to score in comparison to the other two subjects.

Topic Wise Marks Allocation


JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 and Paper 2 Physics Section
Unit Total Marks No. of Questions Weightage (%)
Electromagnetic Field 6 20 16.39%
Alternating Current 2 8 6.56%
Electrostatics 1 4 3.28%
Capacitance 2 6 4.92%
Electromagnetic Induction 1 4 3.28%
Centre of Mass 1 4 3.28%
Heat & Thermodynamics 5 17 13.93%
Gravitation 1 3 2.46%
Error in Measurement 1 3 2.46%
Rectilinear Motion & Vectors 1 3 2.46%
Mathematical Tools 1 3 2.46%
Surface Tension 1 3 2.46%
Rigid Body Dynamics 5 17 13.93%
Optics 3 11 9.02%
Modern Physics 3 9 7.38%
SHM & Waves 2 7 5.74%
Total 36 Questions 122 Marks 100.00%


JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 and Paper 2 Chemistry Section
Unit Total Marks No. of Questions Weightage (%)
Chemical Bonding 6 22 18.03%
Coordination Compounds 1 4 3.28%
p-block 2 6 4.92%
General Organic Chemistry- II 1 3 2.46%
d & f block Elements 1 3 2.46%
Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether 3 11 9.02%
General Organic Chemistry 1 3 2.46%
Carbonyl compounds 3 10 8.20%
Aromatic Compounds 3 9 7.38%
Atomic & Nuclear Chemistry 3 9 7.38%
IUPAC & Isomerism 1 4 3.28%
Mole Concept 1 3 2.46%
Chemical Equilibrium 1 4 3.28%
Chemical Kinetics 1 4 3.28%
Thermodynamics 2 7 5.74%
Solid State 1 3 2.46%
Electrochemistry 2 6 4.92%
Surface Chemistry 1 4 3.28%
Solution & Colligative Properties 2 7 5.74%
Total 36 Questions 122 Marks 100.00%


JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 and Paper 2 Mathematics Section
Unit Total Marks No. of Questions Weightage (%)
Algebra 3 1 2.46%
Coordinate Geometry 20 6 16.39%
Complex Numbers 4 1 3.28%
Integral Calculus 22 6 18.03%
Differential Calculus 24 7 19.67%
Permutation & Combination 6 2 4.92%
Matrix & Determinants 14 4 11.48%
Quadratic Equation 6 2 4.92%
Probability 7 2 5.74%
Trigonometry 4 1 3.28%
Sequence & Series 3 1 2.46%
Vector and 3D 9 3 7.38%
Total 122 Marks 36 Questions 100.00%

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Frequently Asked Questions on JEE Advanced Sample Paper

Where can I get JEE Advanced sample question papers?

The sample papers for JEE Advanced can be easily accessed from the official website of the exam conducting authority. Students can further download these sample papers and solve them. This will enable them to practice efficiently and gain a better understanding of the concepts as well as the overall pattern of the exam, types of questions, and more. Students can also get a hold of the sample papers from different educational websites.

What type of questions are asked in JEE Advanced?

In JEE Advanced, there are questions which are multiple choice (objective) type, numerical and list match sets.

How many papers are there in JEE Advanced?

There are two papers – Paper I and II in JEE Advanced. It is mandatory for candidates to write both the exams and clear them to make it to the merit list.

Are there any repetition of questions in JEE Advanced paper?

Well, in JEE Advanced, the concepts may be repeated but the questions are not repeated at all. The exam authorities do not prefer to repeat the questions and they always prepare a new set of questions.

How many questions are asked in JEE Advanced paper?

JEE Advanced paper mostly consists of 54 questions in total where 18 questions are asked from each section of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The paper carries a maximum marks of 186.

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