IIT JEE Study Secrets for Smart Students

Every student wishes to score the highest whenever they take an exam. Besides, in this day and age of neck to neck competition, it is not only important to work hard but also to study smart. Ever wondered why some students study so little and just before the examinations and still score as much as you as or more than you? It’s not mere luck, and there is much more to it than what meets the eye! They study smartly, and they utilize every ounce of their effort wisely.

If you are a student and preparing for an exam, then we have listed several useful tips that will help you to study smartly and ultimately succeed in the exams.

3 Secrets For Studying Smart

There are three secrets to smart studying:

1. Targeting:

  • One can only be more productive if you utilize your time effectively.
  • This can happen only when you understand your capabilities and set realistic targets for yourself.

2. Strategizing:

  • You have to make an effective strategy to remember and revise everything faster and better than others. Only then, can you utilize your efforts to the fullest.

3. Planning:

  • Make sure you have a plan for the smart study. Instead of mugging up try understanding the concepts.
  • If you fail to remember formulas, derive to remember it.
  • Before solving a thousand questions of similar kind, solve the ones from past year papers.
  • Use Adaptive study techniques to save time and prepare better.



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