6 Productive Ways To Use Internet For JEE Preparation

Technology has created a new wave in today’s world. People are slowly adapting to the revolutionary thing called the ‘Internet’ which has made everyday life easier like never before in the past 100 years. The Internet can be used efficiently and effectively if used in the right way. During the lockdown period, you can definitely benefit from the internet for your JEE preparation.

Here, we shall discuss some of the productive ways to use the internet for JEE exam preparation.

6 Productive Ways To Use Internet For JEE Preparation

  • Online Coaching Centre 

Enrolling to an online class or coaching centre is by far the best way to utilise your time efficiently during the lockdown period. Good online coaching centres like BYJU’S provide quality content delivered by reputed faculty in a systematic way. You can study at any time from anywhere at your own pace. Online classes also make it easy for you to approach the mentors with doubts and queries at any time of the day. 

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  • Online Educational Games

Playing games not only keep the body active but also your mind. But, it might not be possible to play outside due to the pandemic. The best alternative to playing outdoor games is online games. We are not talking about the ones that get you addicted to it. Good gaming platforms like Lumosity and Really bad chess helps you to boost your memory power. Your brain works actively while solving a problem and these platforms provide small games with challenging and fun tasks for you to solve.

  • Video Calling

Skype, Google meet, Whatsapp, and Zoom video calling platforms are extensively used by people to connect with their friends and colleagues online. Studying for hours might drain your mind and body sometimes. Keeping in touch with your closed ones through video calls will help a lot during these stressful times. Most of the schools and colleges are also adapting to online teaching since the pandemic which has made learning easier.

  • Online Book Shopping

You have to select the best study materials for your JEE preparation. New and second-hand books are available from online shopping sites like Amazon, used books factory, Pustakkosh, Olx, etc. Without having to visit the market or book stores, you can easily shop for books at a lesser price point.

  • Solve Online Question Papers

Hundreds of free JEE mock tests and previous year question papers are available on the internet. Websites like https://nta.ac.in/quiz (official website for JEE), BYJU’S, Vedantu, Embibe, etc provide free practice tests and previous year question papers which help you to analyse your strengths and weaknesses.

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  • Youtube Videos

Youtube can serve as an amazing tool if utilised in the right way. Access to free content has made everyone to be active on their phones for a long time. Instead of watching irrelevant videos, subscribe to good channels like ted talks and other motivational channels that help you to declutter your mind. Watch videos of the JEE toppers on how they cleared the exam and try to learn from their study strategies.