BYJU’S Classes for JEE is a comprehensive and exhaustive online program conducted by India’s Largest Ed-Tech Company. The 5-day-a-week program consists of Concept Classes, DPP (Daily Practice Problem) and Practice Sheet Discussion, Doubt Solving Sessions, Personalised Extra Classes, Adaptive Practise Tests, Comprehensive Study Material and All India Test Series. In this program, every student is assigned a mentor who guides him throughout the course and ensures that the student is on the path of success. Apart from JEE Main and Advanced, this program also prepares students for all other Engineering Entrance Exams.

Learning Process


• BYJU’S - The Learning App
• Conceptual Lectures
• Visualization of Concepts


• Scheduled Online
Classes with live
doubt solving


• Daily Practice Papers (DPPs)
• Sheets with video solutions
• Performance-based Extra Classes


• All India Test Series (AITS),
Module-wise Tests, Part Tests,
Cumulative Tests, and Full
Syllabus Tests

Program Highlights

Online classes by India's best JEE teachers
Online classes will be conducted 3 - 5 times a week by India’s best JEE teachers. These classes will help your concepts to be crystal clear. A regular routine is needed to finish the course on time.
Live Doubt Solving
Your doubts will be resolved by Teaching Assistants during the class. Instant doubt resolution helps in understanding the topics thoroughly.
sli Personalised Performance Measurement
Detailed performance analytics for each chapter and subject helps you work on your weaknesses and gain a competitive edge on the strong areas.
Daily Practice Problems and Practice Sheet
The well designed and structured DPP ensures that you revise the concepts every week across all the topics. This is critical for an exam like JEE.
Video Solutions of DPPs and Practice Sheet
The objective of the DPP and Practice Sheet Discussion is to ensure that you learn to apply the concepts taught in the class. It ensures that you bring your understanding and application of each concept to the required JEE level.
sli Performance based Extra Classes
Based on the performance of the student in DPPs and Practice Sheets, the student is provided extra classes or extra question practice sets of higher level.
All India Test Series
Pan India Online AITS helps a student compete and set a benchmark against competitors of the examination. Each test is followed by detailed discussion and analysis to help you identify the gaps in your preparation.
Personalised Mentoring
You will be guided by a personal mentor who will regularly check your performance. The mentor will guide you in following the program. Personal Mentor support is available 7 days a week from 10 AM - 8 PM.
sli Other Entrance Exams
BYJU’S Classes also provides you with extra classes, practice papers and test series for other exams like KCET, Pre-RMO, KVPY, etc.
Unlimited Adaptive Practice
Adaptive, interactive tests that help students master each chapter. Recommended videos prompt students to correct mistakes in a practice session, enabling long lasting learning.
sli Unlimited Revision
Video lessons on the app can be revisited multiple times for revision.
sli Preparation for school and competitive examinations
The video lessons and tests progress from easy to medium to JEE level difficulty in a step-by-step manner. You will be able to prepare for both the school examinations and the JEE (Main and Advanced).


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