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JEE Preparation Tips From Toppers for Cracking JEE in 90 Days

IIT JEE is a national-level examination conducted for admission into IIT, NIT and a few government colleges. Here are a few tips that should be religiously followed by the aspirants to crack the examination. In this article, the 10 must-do things by past JEE toppers are listed out. 

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Toppers Tips for Cracking JEE in 90 Days

  • Work Smart

The candidates must focus on working smart rather than working hard day and night. It requires a high level of concentration. The tough topics can be studied in the morning since the mind will be more active in the morning.

  • Effective study plan

The students should plan a schedule for exam preparation and strictly follow the schedule. The students must analyze the JEE question papers to understand and identify the important topics. They can plan on starting studies by prioritizing the difficult and important topics.

  • Knowing the Shortcuts 

The students must find time-saving methods to solve the question paper. Make a note of all the shortcut formulas and keep revising on a daily basis.

  • Understand the basic concepts

The questions asked in JEE are mostly concept based and rote learning will not help in cracking the examination. Spend more time on understanding the basic concepts. Refer to books that help in making the foundation strong.

  • Make short notes 

Make it a habit to write down short notes on every topic and revise this regularly. This will help in remembering the topics and retaining what you have learned by the time you complete the syllabus. These notes can also be used for revision just before the examination. 

  • Take Mock Tests

After a few important topics are completed, take up mock tests available online or try solving previous years’ question papers. Regularly taking a mock test will help you in analyzing the progress in the preparation. Students must analyze the result and make sure he revises the topics that he/she answers wrong. This will help gain perfection in weaker areas. The mock test also helps in improving the speed of answering. The students will also get familiar with the exam pattern and question types through Mock Tests.

  • Proper Study Material

Choose the best books that explain the concepts clearly. Do not refer to too many books that will only create confusion. Referring to many books for the same answer is a waste of time. 

  • Use the Internet Effectively

Refer to online classes that help in understanding the concepts clearly. Read more about the topic on the internet. Join groups that give you information about the examination. 

  • Take guidance from teachers and friends 

The candidates must clear all his/her doubts from the teachers or peers without any hesitation. Rather than wasting time on solving the questions themselves, they can get the help of teachers, which makes the process faster.

  • Adequate Sleep and Rest

The students should focus on taking care of health by eating healthy, regular exercise and adequate sleep. Students generally have the habit of staying up overnight and studying. Staying up late at night and having less sleep can have adverse effects on the health of the candidate.

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