Best Books for IIT JEE (Mains and Advanced)

Best Books for IIT JEE

JEE preparation is incomplete without books. The Best books for JEE preparation are the ones which will give you precise theory on the concepts and an adequate variety of problems to retain those concepts. With just a few months left for the JEE Advanced 2018, students are advised to brush up their concepts from the below-mentioned books and solve as many numerals as possible along with the previous year question papers.

IIT JEE preparation takes a lot of dedication and hard work. The prime savior for all the IIT aspirants is ‘Textbooks’. The market is flooded with thousands of IITJEE preparation books. But the sole question, every student has is ‘Which is the ideal book for IIT JEE Preparation’?

JEE Mains and JEE Advanced is a ladder to get admissions into IIT, ISM, NIT, IIIT and other prestigious Institutes in India. Our experts at Byju’s have compiled a list of books recommended by IIT toppers which are ideal for the preparation of JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2018.

Best Books for IIT JEE Physics

Physics is a perfect blend of Theoretical concepts and Practical Problems. If the concept is understood well, solving any problem from Physics is a breeze. Below is a list of important Physics Books recommended by IIT toppers useful for JEE Mains as well as JEE Advanced Examination point of view.

Best Physics Books for IIT JEE

NCERT Textbooks

(For both class XI & XII)

Concepts of Physics

HC Verma (Part I & Part II)

Physics for IIT JEE

(Resnick, Halliday, Walker)

Problems in General Physics (I.E. Irodov)

IIT JEE Physics

(D.C Pandey)

Problems in Physics

(S.S. Krotov)

Best Books for IIT JEE Chemistry

Chemistry is a subject which involves a stepwise approach. There are lots of equations, Chemical Reactions, theory, and problems. Below is a list of important Chemistry books recommended by IIT toppers useful for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Examination point of view:

Best Chemistry Books for IIT JEE

NCERT Textbooks

(For both class XI and XII)

Numerical Chemistry

(P. Bahadur)

Organic Chemistry

(Morrison and Boyd)

IIT JEE Inorganic Chemistry

(O.P. Tandon)

Concise Inorganic Chemistry

(J.D. Lee )

Physical Chemistry

(Wiley Editorial Team)

Best Books for IIT JEE Mathematics

Mathematics is a subject, which requires a thorough understanding of concepts, theorems, and formulas before starting off with solving problems. Below is a compiled list of all the important Math books recommended by IIT toppers useful for both JEE Mains and JEE Advanced examination point of view.

Best Books for IIT JEE Maths

IIT Mathematics

(M.L. Khanna)

Tata McGraw Hill (TMH) for Mathematics

Class 11th & Class 12th Mathematics

(R.D Sharma)


(S.L. Loney)

Higher Algebra

(Hall and Knight)

Differential Calculus

(A Das Gupta)

Don’t try to finish every book. Just check how the problems are approached and try to use that approach while giving tests. Problem-solving will always help you, therefore, clear all your doubts and solve several problems related to that topic. Most importantly, solve previous years question papers, especially the subjective questions asked in earlier JEE Exams, that would give you an insight of your weak and strong sections.

Remember that success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. So, if you want to crack JEE 2018 with better scores, make sure to fulfill each day’s worth by completing the small targets you set for yourself every day. Follow the above-mentioned books for preparing Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in JEE Exams. For developing a strong grip on these subject, understand the concepts thoroughly and practice several questions from these books and definitely, you will start scoring high as well.

BYJU’S The Learning App:

Since it is not possible to study everything from these mentioned books, therefore, we at Byju’s have simplified the IIT JEE Preparation for all the JEE aspirants. Our learning application consolidates all the above books recommended by IIT Toppers and contains JEE mock tests, JEE sample papers, JEE Syllabus and more. An exhaustive study material could be found in Byju’s The Learning App, where concepts are explained with a unique approach, by giving the real-life examples and inquisitive videos, followed by test series to test the concepts which prepare the students for the examination day.

Stay tuned with Byju’s to know about each and every topic covered in JEE Mains and Advanced Syllabus 2018 along with the previous years question papers.

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