HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Chapter 10 Electric Current in Conductors

HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Electric Current in Conductors Chapter 10 is authored by Harish Chandra Verma a retired professor from IIT Kanpur. To understand the key concepts and terminologies, Chapter 10 is briefly discussed here.

Electric Current in Conductors is the 10th Chapter in volume 2 by Harish Chandra Verma. Substances that allow electricity to pass through them are called conductors. According to Ohm’s law, the current flowing through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across them. The mathematical relationship between voltage, resistance, and electric current in Ohm’s law is given as I= V/ R where I is the current in amperes, V is the voltage in volts and R is the resistance in ohms. Importance of having HCV Solutions handy will improve your problem-solving approach to complex questions of Electric Current in Conductors. Class 12 students widely use this as study material for various competitive exams like JEE.

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HC Verma Solutions Vol 2 Electric Current in Conductors Chapter 10

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