Best Engineering Course For You

Right Engineering Degree

The Engineering degree provides a various number of rewarding career options for the engineering graduates across the world. It plays a vital role in various areas and fields of specialization. The engineers make use of modern technological and mathematical skills to develop solutions to various genetic, mechanical and structural problems.

Role Of JEE Entrance Exam In Choosing Right Engineering Degree

The students can seek admissions into the various reputed undergraduate and postgraduate colleges through the JEE entrance examination. The JEE Main or the Joint Entrance Exam Main regulates the UG Programs for all the famous engineering colleges and the NITs. After completing their class 12, the students can pursue their engineering degree from the best known IIT’s of India by attending the JEE Advanced exam.

Every year over lakhs of students appears for this JEE examination, which is known to be the one among the largest entrance examinations across the world. The number of students attempting the exam indicates the importance of the engineering field in India, which is and will be the most popular degrees.

Engineering has around various branches to choose from, with all of them having a good scope by providing excellent placement options across the world. The Engineering degree also has the best career vision in the government as well as the private sectors. The engineering graduates can also apply for the civil services examinations such as IES, IAS, IPS, etc regulated by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Board of India.

Top Engineering Courses To Choose

There are various engineering courses which you can choose from and these streams can also be combined with different subjects like law, modern language, business, medicine, computers, etc to seek an exciting career. Here is the list of some of the top engineering courses which provide a good career scope for the engineering graduate.

  • Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one among the core streams of engineering and requires a good amount of hard work. The electrical engineering is all about the electrical machine designing, control theory, power system and their maintenance. An electrical engineer graduate may go forward for PG programs such as M.E/, which would provide furthermore exciting career scope even abroad. The government as well as the private sectors such as BHEL, DRDO, ONGC, are the prime recruiters of many electrical engineering graduates.

  • Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is known to be one of the evergreen branches in the field of engineering. The job prospects for mechanical engineers after their graduation is very excellent with a varied career option in different industries such as manufacturing, designing, etc. This field covers various topics such as machine dynamics, engine theory, mechanics, fluids, quality engineering and much more. The mechanical engineering graduates can also seek advanced postgraduate courses to build their career to great heights.

  • Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering relates to the designing and the development of various infrastructural projects on a huge scale. This branch is one among the core branches of engineering. It deals with the development of buildings and roads. This branch covers concepts such as engineering mathematics, structural design, environmental engineering, etc. The civil engineering graduates can also pursue their Masters in various promising disciplines. The job opportunities for a civil engineer are plenty, whether considering a government or a private sector.

  • Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the leading branches in the field of engineering. This branch provides an ample number of abroad job opportunities with good salary packages for software engineers. Computer engineering deals with the design and development of computer software and hardware. Various IT companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, IBM, Google are the prime recruiters of computer engineers.

Besides the best like mechanical, electrical, civil, etc some of the other branches of the engineering field include aeronautical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, etc.

The above engineering courses offer you the best salary packages with a great career scope in the years to come. Students who possess good Aptitude, science and math skills should definitely opt from one among the best branches coming under engineering, as it would provide them with rewarding career opportunities.