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Culture of IIT – Taking IIT Courses

One of the things that keep most of the IITs among the top universities in the country, is their predominant culture. The top IIT campuses are among the older ones as everyone is already aware. They had been established keeping in mind the location and infrastructure required from the very beginning. The culture developed has followed a pattern even with the newer campuses that came about later on. To be a part of an IIT, it is important to know the culture of IIT

Location and Infrastructure of IITs in India

If you notice, most of the IIT campuses have been kept a bit isolated from the main cities. The landscape is designed to include greenery while the arrangement of buildings is spacious enough to promote a healthy movement for all students and other personnel involved in the campus activities. The campus at IIT Kanpur boasts of a very aesthetically appealing landscape and infrastructure while IIT Bombay boasts of campus outside the city yet never disconnected from it when required.


A six-year pattern shows that most of the JEE qualifying students opt for IIT Bombay campus as their 1st choice. So it would be fair to conclude that most of the top minds in our country probably hail from this campus. IIT Bombay is followed by IIT Delhi in the choice list. After this comes IIT Kanpur and IIT Madras which seem to be competing with each other, followed by IIT Kharagpur.

Non-Academic Activities

Like most of the engineering and technical colleges, IITs have their own cultural festivals, sports festivals and IIT tech fests spread across each academic year. Being part of the national pride of the country, these fests along with promoting academics and cultural events also promote national bonding among the students across the nation and beyond. Obviously, each IIT campus will have their own individual fests which are local or intra-collegiate in nature.

And last but not least. let’s not forget the startup culture of India which largely originated from these colleges. For example, did you know that the Ola startup came from IIT Bombay? People involved in starting top companies like Flipkart, Quikr and Snapdeal hail from IIT Delhi!

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