Energetics IIT JEE Study Material

Energetics is the study of the transformation of energy. It is also referred as the energy economics. The flow of energy is at all scales i.e. from the quantum phase to the biosphere and the universe. It is a broad discipline that includes chemistry, thermodynamics, biological energetics, ecological, and biochemistry energetics. Therefore, it is the science of thermodynamics that deals with all kinds of energy exchanges. In general, the energetics defines the relationships that explain the tendency of energy flow and storage under transformation. Therefore, the main motive of energetics is to explain the fundamental laws. The fundamental laws of both thermodynamics and energetics can be treated same, hence, energetics aims at producing the reliable predictions of energy flow and storage transformations at any scale.

Important Topics in Energetics IIT JEE

Energetics does fall under the important topics, which help you in scoring for JEE. Following are the concepts that should be studied carefully:

  1. First law of thermodynamics
  2. Internal energy, work, and heat, pressure-volume work
  3. Enthalpy
  4. Hess’s law
  5. Heat of reaction, vaporization, and fusion
  6. Second law of thermodynamics
  7. Entropy
  8. Free energy
  9. Criterion of spontaneity

What are the concepts that are generally tested in JEE?

Q. A negative sign of the free energy denotes that

  1. The system is in constant equilibrium
  2. The reaction is very much unlikely
  3. The reaction is non-spontaneous
  4. The reaction tends to proceed spontaneously


4. The reaction tends to proceed spontaneously.