Important JEE Questions For Amines

What are the important topics that should be focused in the chapter amines for JEE?

Amines fall under the important topics which help in scoring for JEE Exam Preparation. Following are the concepts that should be studied carefully:

  • Basicity of amines – The stability of amines and the sequence of basicity of different amines.
  • Preparation of amines – Methods of preparations and the reagents used.
  • Reactions of amines – The reactions such as alkylation, acylation, halogenation, nitration and sulphonation are important and often questions pertaining to these topics are asked.
  • Chemical properties of amines – The different chemical reactions that take place and the conditions required.
  • Test for amines – The test for primary, secondary or tertiary amines and compounds and reagents used in these tests.
  • All the Named reactions associated with amines.

What are the books that can be used as a reference for amines?

Refer NCERT for class 12, this book contains all the details in a very precise way. A quick view of this can help you to understand the fundamental concepts and their applications. The important points in the book are mentioned properly and hence it is the most student-friendly book. Other important books are Organic Chemistry by authors Morrison Boyd and Solomon.