FAQ’s on Aldehydes and Ketones in JEE

In Organic Chemistry, aldehydes and ketones form an important topic to cover. Thus, here we will look at some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic and understand how to study this concept from an examination point of view.

Frequently Asked Question For Aldehydes and Ketones

Question: What are some of the important topics in aldehydes and ketones for JEE?

Answer: According to JEE syllabus, this topic contains the reactions involving the preparation of aldehydes and ketones and their chemical and physical properties. All the reactions of aldehydes and ketones are of utmost importance. Try to understand all the reactions with the involved mechanisms as every year 4-5 questions are asked related to these reactions.

Aldehyde Ketone
Question: What type of questions are asked in JEE from aldehydes and ketones?

Answer: In JEE, questions asked on aldehydes and ketones require a deep understanding of concepts. Generally, questions are asked to predict major or minor products of a reaction or a series of reactions involving aldehydes and ketones.

Illustration: Aldol condensation is not possible for which of the following compounds?

  1. CD3CHO
  2. CH3CHO
  4. PhCHO

Answer: PhCHO, as it does not contains any alpha hydrogen.

Questions: Which reference books can one follow for aldehydes and ketones?

 Answer: While covering aldehydes and ketones for JEE, one must go through the NCERT class 12th chemistry textbook part-2. A brisk walk through this chapter not only gives you a sound idea of the various topics you need to cover but also helps you develop the fundamentals regarding the chapter.

Apart from this, you can follow a reference book to understand the mechanisms of the reactions not given in the NCERT textbook. Some authentic books for understanding the mechanism of organic reactions include books from authors like Solomons & Fryhle, Morrison & Boyd. Once you have developed concepts on this topic, you can practice questions from the books of authors like M. S.Chauhan, etc.

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