Tips to Select Right Branch of Engineering

Tips to select right branch of Engineering

Tips to Select Right Branch of Engineering

Most of the times it is a common notion that by qualifying the entrance examination your job is done. But actually it has just begun. Because now you have to take a decision that will more or less decide the course of your life. Which branch of engineering to choose, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering or something else? Or will it depend on the Engineering jobs? But before arriving at a decision one should think upon the following aspects:

  • It is common that students tend to choose a branch that will lead them to a job of high pay package. For example as per the current market trend, computer engineering will surely land you with a higher pay package. But this is not advisable as the scope of a branch of engineering keeps on changing. One should always give priority to his interest, so that the chances of excelling in that field is a more likely event.
  • Another challenge is to select between different colleges and the courses they are offering. This requires exhaustive research as to what are the electives offered by them during the course. One must talk to the alumni as well as currently enrolled students of the colleges to get a better feedback.
  • Another aspect would be to look at the nature of work your branch will lead to. For example a person doing computer engineering will probably land up with a desk job while the one doing mechanical or civil engineering will have more of a field job. This is a very important parameter that would affect your life in the long run, it is always advisable to choose your branch of engineering that syncs with your life style.
  • You should always keep in mind the scope of higher studies that your branch will provide incase you decide to pursue it in future. For example a person doing electrical engineering can do post graduation (PG) in power system engineering, control system etc.

These were just some of the parameters that should be kept in mind. For further career related queries get in touch with our mentors here at Byju’s. To know more on JEE like JEE syllabus, JEE preparation tips, JEE Books visit our website

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