KEAM 2017: Application Defects to Be Published

Aspirants of KEAM 2017 exam should visit the exam official website ‘KEAM 2017-Candidate Portal’ and enter their application number with the password to view the application details entered by them. The form of application could be edited by the applicant using email ID and mobile number by the aspirants by clicking “edit” button. To correct the defects in the application while viewing them simultaneously, the menu item ‘Memo’ should be clicked by the aspirants from the homepage and to take the printout of the same with the necessary proformas.

In a case of defective photographs, applicants could upload the right ones through the links provided on the official website. In a case of complaints with regard to the application, candidates could forward the same to the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations (CEE), 5th Floor, Housing Board Buildings, Santhi Nagar Thiruvananthapuram-695001 along with necessary documents as proof of the claim and the required documents to correct the defects.

The applications should reach the CEE before April 5th 2017. Aspirants should note that applications with defective photographs or thumb impression on admit cards will not be released unless they are fixed by the applicant. Importantly, such applicants would not be part of the rank list for the year 2017. Finally, the claims for special or communal reservations will be valid for candidates only if they are able to submit the necessary documents on specified time.

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