Top 5 Misconceptions About IIT JEE

IIT JEE is one of the most prestigious and popular exams that is conducted for aspirants seeking admissions to some of the best technology and engineering institutes in India. While lakhs of students appear for the exam each year, there are some who succeed and some who fail. As the exam is quite challenging there are some misconceptions that are floating around about IIT JEE. Let’s look at them below.

IIT JEE Is Too Tough To Clear!

Many students feel that IIT JEE can be cleared only by prodigies and top rankers, but they cannot be further from the truth because even an average student has the capability to clear the IIT JEE exam, given that their concepts are clear. So shrug off baseless fears and start preparing in the right direction.

IIT JEE Preparation Does Not Need Revision

If IIT JEE is the building, then revision is the foundation of the building. No matter how much effort you put into your preparation, if it is not backed by an equally good revision technique, then it would amount to no good. Also sticking to just the CBSE syllabus taught in school is not enough to clear JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.

Usually, when you start preparing for IIT JEE, you feel it is very easy and is an easily achievable target. You tend to make unachievable study schedules and later fall behind.

No One Can Clear IIT JEE Without Coaching Classes

Those huge hoardings put up by coaching institutes that display a ton IIT selects may have you believing that offline coaching classes is a must for clearing IIT JEE exam, but it is not true. You must take help as and when you need but just enrolling in a coaching class does not ensure a seat in an IIT/NIT. The 3I’s that you must follow are,

  • Intention
  • Integrity
  • Interest

Intention backed by discipline gives you the strength to overcome every obstacle that stands between you and your goal. If the combination is mixed with interest, it makes the journey towards your goal much easier.

Studying For 5-6 Hours Is Enough To Clear IIT JEE

Studying for 5 to 6 hours means nothing if you don’t grasp the concepts or are unable to visualize the same with real time applications. It’s a proven fact that the human brain cannot concentrate on something for more than 20 to 30 minutes unless trained otherwise. When you try to stretch the time period of complete and uninterrupted flow of concentration, you will experience difficulty. Try going for video lectures that explain complex concepts using 3D visualization techniques. This not only makes learning simpler but also helps expand the attention span.

Securing A Good IIT JEE Rank And Securing Good Board Percentage Simultaneously Is Not Possible

The syllabus may be a little more extensive for IIT JEE compared to that of 12th boards, but the majority of concepts that you are expected to know remains the same. Preparing for IIT JEE is never going to affect your board marks if you do it right. Go for step by step learning or adaptive learning, to ensure you learn the basics well before jumping on to more complex level questions.