Slip Ring

A slip ring is an electrochemical device that allows transmission of signals and power from stationary to rotating structure namely space satellites, gun turrets, electro-optic sensor gimbals, and radar antenna. That is they are used in any electromechanical systems that involves rotation while transmitting power. It helps to simplify operation and increases mechanical performance. Slip Ring is termed as a commutator and electrical slip ring.

Composition of Slip Ring

It comprises of metal contact brush and stationary graphite which runs on the outer diameter of the metal ring. The electric current that is established passes through passes from metal brush to the metal ring. If there is a need for one or more electrical circuit, the additional brush is assembled along the rotating axis.  Rings and brushes are stationary.

Types of Slip Rings

Slip rings are constructed with different types and sizes. Some are stated below.

  • Wireless Slip Rings They do not depend on methods adopted using carbon contact brush and friction based metal in slip rings. Instead, they transfer data and power wirelessly using the electromagnetic field.It is established using the coils that are placed in a rotating receiver and stationary receiver. They are considered as a replacement for traditional slip ring as it is easy to maintain and can sustain in a harsh environment.
  • Mercury Wetted – Slip Rings They are noted for their stable connection and their low resistance. Here Sliding brush contact is replaced by a pool of liquid metal that is bounded to contacts. During rotation, the liquid metal establishes a connection between a rotating and stationary contacts. Choice has to be made carefully while choosing precious metal contacts when slip ring applications include pharmaceutical equipment and food manufacturing process.
  • Pancake Slip Rings In pancake slip ring, conductors are placed on the flat disc. They are the type of concentric rings that are placed at the interior of a rotating shaft. This configuration possesses a high weight and higher capacitance and collects wear debris on its vertical axis efficiently.  In some cases, it has reduced axial length which is proved to be convenient for some applications.


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