Complete strategy to Study for IITJEE 2017

The IITs, NITs, IIITs are one of the most the coveted institutions for engineering courses for students who aim for a career in the field of engineering and technology. In order to become a part of these esteemed institutions, the aspiring candidates must take the Joint Entrance Examination. Every year over one million students appear for the JEE Main and only a few thousands secure a position in an institution of their choice. The competition is very tough and the preparation is also less with reference to the amount of syllabus that has to be covered. In order to outperform a crowd of lakhs of students, one has to work very hard and give their utmost to the preparation. As the preparation time spans for 2-3 years and the syllabus is vast, the candidates must have a complete strategy for the preparation before starting anything as smart work is much more important than hard work here. Some of the habits that you must inculcate to naturally get the best out of your performance are mentioned below.

  • Routine: JEE being one of the toughest examinations requires consistent, directed efforts throughout the entire span of your preparation. You cannot afford to lose time and energy if you wish to give your best shot at it. Thus it is important to work with a proper routine.
  • Build an aptitude towards solving questions: The questions that appear in JEE Main are tricky and involve a lot of thinking. Also, in a span of three hours one has to attempt 90 questions, which creates a lot of pressure over the student. In order to perform well in such a situation, you must practice a lot of questions on every topic and take timed tests at regular intervals.
  • Choose your company with caution: However secondary this concern may sound, it is important to spend your time with a group of students who have a positive and a healthy attitude. Spending your time with the wrong set of friends may lead to loss of your time and energy. You may even develop a negative attitude towards your preparation and may not be able to give your best.
  • Health is equally important: This includes mental as well as physical health. You must maintain a healthy sleep cycle in order to remain in a healthy state of mind and you must have a positive attitude. Also, one could choose one outdoor physical activity to break the routine and saturation.

The points mentioned above are generic and are to be followed without a miss. Though these points are very important but working blindly with dedication and perseverance without a direction does not prove beneficial. Following are some of the points that can help you structure your preparation.

NCERT and Reference Books

The topics under the domain of JEE are picked mostly from the NCERT syllabus and hence the students must go through the NCERT textbooks before referring to other books and study materials. Also, you must choose your study material after proper research as some of them could be misleading and insufficient as well.

Revision time

You must allot at least 7 hours each week towards the revision of concepts and formulae prepared during the week. Important topics in mathematics including differentiation, integration, complex numbers, vectors, 3-D geometry, coordinate geometry, functions, statistics, probability and binomial theorem require revision on a regular basis. Similarly, in chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry have topics that are required to be brushed regularly. Apart from this kinematics, mechanics, electrostatics and magnetism have topics that need regular practice as the questions asked to involve the knowledge and application of more than one topic.


Regular assessment of all the topics is important. Every day you must choose a topic and take a 2 hours test on it followed by doubt solving of all the difficult topics or the topics missed. During the last three months of the examination, a complete test including all the subjects must be taken regularly, twice or thrice a week.

Time Management

Since all the subjects are equally important and hold equal weightage in the JEE Mains examination, you should divide your time so that equal focus is given to each one of them. You should not take up more than two subjects in a day and make notes while you are going through the theory. After a thorough understanding of the chapter is gained you should solve as many questions as possible, including previous year questions.

Sample Questions

In the last six months, you should cover the entire previous year objective questions that have been asked in the examination and clear the concepts related to them.  More the questions or the concepts get repeated while solving previous year and sample papers, more you get an edge in the examination.

The examination pattern for both the examinations are different and so should be the preparation. In this section, we have discussed the way one should go about the preparations for JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Main

The questions that appear in JEE Main are more generic, straight-forward and test your speed and a basic knowledge about the concept. The questions are not very tricky but involve a lot of calculation and recollection of formulae you have covered. Thus, the domain they cover is vast but the questions are fairly simple and direct.

Mentioned below are some of the tricks you can use to gain an edge over the others.

  • Do not waste your time in solving questions that are too lengthy and complicated instead solve questions with a medium level of difficulty. Choosing books like Irodov or previous years’ subjective questions is not advised.
  • Use tricks to improve your calculations. Learning the value of squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots of numbers from 1 to 20 becomes very useful, especially while solving questions from atomic structure, gravitation, ionic equilibrium and modern physics. Using approximations to find the nearest number to the actual answer while solving fraction and root problems in atomic structure also saves a lot of time.
  • Remembering the order of elements vertically and horizontally in the periodic table up to the atomic number 40 will make the topics such as electrochemistry, redox reaction and chemical bonding easier.

JEE Advanced

The questions that appear in JEE Advanced can be divided into three types. Some of the questions that appear are based on recollection of formulae, derivation and concepts and the answers are calculated using simple formulae discussed in teh chapters. The second type includes the questions that require you to draw an inference from the concepts dealt in the chapter. This section tests the in-depth knowledge of the concepts dealt in the chapters. The third type of questions demands you to extract information from the questions and use your analogy to connect to the concepts dealt in the chapter. These questions test your aptitude for solving questions.

Mentioned below are some of the tips and tricks you can use while preparing for JEE Advanced to gain an edge over the others.

  • At the end of each day, devote 10 minutes of your preparation to recall what you have learned in the whole day, including the concepts, the formulae, the theorem and the laws. This will help you connect one topic with another making your preparation more structured and organized.
  • Since most of the questions are tricky rather than using a random approach leading nowhere, you can first devote some time to understand what the questions demand.
  • For chemistry and physics, you can attempt previous year subjective questions to understand the approach for any given problem as many of the questions that appear in the examination nowadays involve the same concepts and sometimes a section of the question. The same is not advised for mathematics for topics other than functions, quadratic equations, vectors and 3-D geometry.

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