Tips to Prepare JEE Main Along With class 12th Board Exams

JEE Main 2017

If someone asks the students of science stream as to whether they would prepare for entrance tests like JEE, NEET and so on while preparing for their board exam, the likely answer would be that they would like to but would not as they do not have enough time to prepare for both of them.  If they wish to do so, they would have to structure their schedule in such a way that there would be enough space for preparing for both. Here, we have provided certain tips below, which would be helpful for preparing for both the exams simultaneously.

Preparation Tips For JEE

Revise the Topics

If you are preparing for the board exams, the time is right to revise the topics you have covered until now. If you somehow manage to add the revision for JEE Main as well, it would do no harm. The main reason being, the latter having the same subjects in the syllabus in common for board exams and JEE as Chemistry, Maths, and Physics.

The only contrast here would be that the board exam questions have a subjective nature and the exam is held in an offline mode and the JEE exams have online and written exams with questions of objective nature. The objective questions would be usually questions with short or one word questions. Hence it would be literally hassled free and all that students have to do is prepare for both type (Subjective and Objective) of questions for every topic covered while revising them.

Practice Well

As the major focus would be on board exam preparation, candidates could at least devote an hour a day for the entrance test mock exam preparation whether it would be in online or in offline mode. For the aspirants who had chosen the offline mode, it is advisable that they should solve one sample question paper on a daily basis till the exam date. This is because the mock papers would take the aspirants on the right track towards the exam pattern.

Take things smoothly

Most students would have heard this phrase plenty of times and here we say it just to make you understand as to how crucial it is to stay calm and collected when students attempt exams like the boards. Follow the study schedule religiously as that would be more than sufficient for you to clear the exam with flying colours.

From the above discussion, one could state without doubt that students could prepare for board exams and entrance exams concurrently if they have a solid action plan with a little bit of dedication and hard work which would eventually take them to the shores of success.


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