SRM University


The Deemed University was founded in 1985 as SRM Engineering College. The college has 7 Campuses, 4 of which is in Tamil Nadu. The others are in Sonepat, Gangtok, and NCR.

SRM Motto

The motto of this institute is “Learn, Leap, and Lead.”

The institute has stayed true to its motto by helping millions of students realize their dreams and achieve success.

SRM Campus

SRM has seven engineering colleges across India. The main campus which is in Kattankulathur is 250 acres and has hospital, restaurants, hostels and shops in close vicinity.

SRM Ranking

SRM University is ranked 43rd among Top 100 Universities in India MHRD in 2016. It is often ranked as one of the best private colleges for Engineering and Technology.

SRM Fests

Of the numerous fests that are held in SRM, here are the most popular annual fests:

Milan: Milan is the cultural fest held at SRM where all extra-curricular clubs take an active part.

Aarush: Aarush is the biggest and most big fest for SRM as many colleges participate in this technical fest. During this time the campus is abuzz with Intercollege students who take part in workshops that are held before the events.

Commencia: Commencia is a management fest held mostly for MBA students, but engineering students too can take part in this fest to hone their managerial and entrepreneur skills.

SRM Engineering Branches and Cut off

SRM University conducts SRM JEEE (SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Exam) every year through which it offers admissions to its various courses like, B.Arch, M.Tech, MBA, MCA as well as health sciences. The different branches that are offered are as follows

Branch of Engineering Closing Rank in SRMEEE
Computer Science 9000
Electronics and Communication Engineering 19000
Mechanical Engineering 20000
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 23000
Information Technology 29000
Mechatronics 38000
Software Engineering 40000
Electrical and Electronics Engineering 42000
Civil Engineering 44000
Chemical Engineering 45000
Automobile Engineering 50000
Biomedical Engineering 50000
Information and Telecommunication Engineering 50000
Bioinformatics 52000
Biotechnology 52000
Aerospace Engineering 55000
Genetic Engineering 55000
Instrumentation and Control Engineering 55000
Nanotechnology 55000

Compared to the other private colleges that offer under graduation in Engineering and Technology, SRM provides more academic opportunity regarding the engineering branches it offers. There is a scholarship available for meritorious students who are financially weak.

SRM Placements

SRM witnesses 100% placement for eligible students by top MNCs and mass recruiting companies like TCS, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture, etc.