HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 9 Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 9 Center of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision can be used as a source of background information on topics where you might lack proficiency such as questions related to finding velocity with respect to earth of certain object and the rate of change of velocity when the object is dropped from a certain height etc. The HC Verma book contains questions which will be asked in prominent examinations and are highly recommend that students go through this book to develop better skills and prepare efficiently. Students will get to learn topics of momentum and collision more clearly.

  • Students will learn about solving questions related to change in momentum when the mass, volume and velocity are given. They will also learn about problems on the momentum of a body during incidence and reflection from a rigid surface.
  • They will learn calculations in finding the total time to reach the ground when a bag is thrown at a certain velocity from a certain height and some problems based on the concepts like the external force acting in a longitudinal direction and the shifting of the centre of mass.
  • We have questions on electron and antineutrino ejected in the same or opposite direction and finding the total momentum and we have problems related to shifting to the centre of mass when an object is in motion whether it is horizontal and vertical

To help students understand the concepts clearly, we are offering HCV Solutions Vol 1 that consists of free solutions that will provide students with an incredible learning experience. It will help clear any doubts that students may have regarding the chapter questions.

Download This Solution As PDF: HC Verma Solutions Chapter 9 PDF

Some of the important topics discussed in this chapter which students can learn about are;

  1. Centre of Mass
  2. Centre of Mass of Continuous Bodies
  3. Motion of the Centre of Mass
  4. Linear Momentum and its Conservation Principle
  5. Rocket Propulsion
  6. Collision
  7. Elastic Collision in One Dimension
  8. Perfectly Inelastic Collision in One Dimension
  9. Coefficient of Restitution
  10. Elastic Collision in Two Dimensions
  11. Impulse and Impulsive Force

Important Questions In Chapter 9

1. A particle has a total mechanical energy of zero. Will its linear momentum also be zero? Is it necessarily nonzero?

2. A toy car moves on a horizontal plane with some velocity. After moving some distance the car comes to a halt. State which external force is responsible for the change in the momentum of the toy car?

3. A bullet shot through a pistol hits and penetrates a block that is at rest on a smooth surface. In this scenario state which of the following does not change?

(a) the temperature of the block (b) gravitational potential energy of the block (c)  kinetic energy of the block (d) linear momentum of the block.

4. Name the quantities that remain constant during a collision.

5. A bottle falls vertically downwards under gravity and breaks in two parts having unequal masses. If we take the centre of mass of the two parts together where does it usually shift?

(a) Towards the heavier piece (b) depends on the vertical velocity when the bottle breaks (c) does not shift horizontally (d) towards the lighter piece.  

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Center of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision Chapter 9

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