Silly Mistakes To Avoid During JEE Preparation

In India, almost all the students who wish to pursue a career in the field of engineering want to study in the best colleges in the country. Most of the lists of the best colleges in the country have the IITs ranking at the top.

How can we get into IIT? Obviously, the answer is to qualify in the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination)  which is conducted at the national level to find the best talents in the country. The difficulty level of the examination is very high. The questions are tricky and the candidates tend to make silly mistakes. Choosing the correct method of studying and avoiding silly mistakes will help the students to score well in the examination. 

What is JEE?

The examination is conducted in two levels. The first level is the JEE Main and the second level is the JEE advanced. Students are advised to do some research on the JEE main syllabus, JEE advanced syllabus, examination pattern, important topics, JEE cutoff score, duration of the examination, etc.

Understanding the Syllabus

The students should go through the syllabus thoroughly before starting the preparation. The syllabus acts as a perfect guide and keeps the student ahead in the competition. 

Follow your Timetable Religiously

The students should plan properly and prepare a timetable and follow it meticulously. By strictly following the timetable, students can plan their time to effectively cover the topics and later revise before the examination. 

Understanding the Concepts and Learning 

The questions in JEE can be answered only by understanding the concepts and not by the method of rote learning. The clarity of concepts and reasoning skills of the candidate is analysed in the examination. 

Avoid Overexertion

Students generally have the habit of staying up overnight and studying the day before the examination. Staying up late at night and having less sleep can have adverse effects on the health of the candidate, making them feel confused in the examination hall. So, it is extremely vital to get enough sleep before the examination. 

Practise and Analyse

Practise solving the problems regularly. When you solve more questions you will figure out the common mistakes that you make while solving the questions. Identify the mistakes you make frequently and in turn, work on avoiding them.

Customise Your Own Study Routine

Do not copy the study routine of others. Instead, follow a routine that suits you the best. Have faith in your abilities and study at your pace. Do not panic but follow your study routine religiously. 

Now that you know some of the common mistakes, you should certainly avoid them in order to ace the IIT JEE exams.

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