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JEE Main Last One-month Preparation Tips

JEE Main 2022 will be conducted by the National Testing Agency in two sessions at various centres across the country. Lakhs of aspirants seeking admission to IITs and NITs need to clear this exam. This is considered a tough exam because the competition level is very high. As such, you need to work hard and be academically very strong in the topics to crack the JEE exam. More significantly, this is an exam where speed is an important factor that decides the ranking. You must practise well to reach the solutions at a higher speed. 

From the exam point of view, the last month is very crucial. Having a well-planned and effective preparation is very important to boost the confidence of the students. Cracking JEE also depends on what you learned in the last one month before your exam. In this article, you will come across some much-needed preparation tips that will help you ace JEE.

Crack JEE Main 2022 in One month

Last One-month Preparation Tips for JEE Main

Time Management

The important factor to crack JEE Main is to make a plan which covers the entire syllabus in time. Most of you would have covered the entire syllabus by now, following your strategies. Now, this is the time to consolidate your preparation and make sure you will do well in the JEE Main exam. Give importance to all the three subjects equally. So divide the crucial remaining weeks wisely for the three subjects. 

Revise and Clear Your Doubts

Prepare a chapter-wise revision schedule and follow it strictly. The more you revise, the more thorough you will be with the concepts. Go through your own short notes of each chapter and be thorough with the important facts and main formulas of each chapter. Never let your doubts be left uncleared. You should approach your teachers, coaching centre mentors, parents, or friends to clear all your doubts. 

Mock Tests

Attempting mock tests will enhance your confidence level. Mock tests are available on the official website of the exam conducting agency. You will also get a clear idea about the exam pattern, marking scheme and type of questions. Analyze yourself after each test and identify your weaker areas and give more importance to them. Try to complete the mock test in the given time limit. This makes you faster and for the actual exam, you will be able to complete in the given time limit. 

JEE Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year’s JEE Main questions is highly recommended during the last 1 month. Try to do the maximum number of questions to develop a sound confidence level. Practising quality problems is the key to success. Previous year question papers will give you a clear idea about the pattern of questions and help to improve problem-solving skills.  You can download the question papers from the given links.

Positive Attitude

JEE is a tough and challenging exam. Therefore, it is vital you develop a positive attitude. You should be focused on your target so that you can achieve it. Don’t get discouraged when you feel demotivated. There are times of despair, but don’t give up hope. Believe in yourself. Listen to motivational speeches, which help to build a positive mindset. 

Be Relaxed

Don’t overwork during the days prior to the exam. Many candidates burn the midnight oil right before the exams. This practice should be avoided. Don’t over-stress yourself. 7-8 hours of sleep is necessary for proper mental health. You should eat healthily, sleep well and get adequate rest. If you keep your body in good health then only will you be able to keep your mind strong and clear. Practise meditation or breathing exercises to remain relaxed. Avoid unnecessary tensions regarding your exam and remain calm. Engage in some fun activities between your study routine. 

Keep in mind all the above tips during the preparation for your exam. These will help you to forge ahead in the competition. If you have the right attitude towards the preparation for JEE Main, even an average student can crack it. Even if you find the exam tough, don’t be nervous because the relative performance counts. Start with the easy questions first, then move on to the difficult ones. 

Work hard, put in your best, believe in your preparation and you will definitely ace JEE.

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