Top NIT Colleges in India

Top NIT Colleges

The National Institute of Technology or NIT is a group of publicly owned institutes that have been constituted to impart higher education primarily in science and technology to aspirants hailing from different parts of India. More significantly, these institutions are recognized by the government and even funded by them. The institution is an autonomous one and has the authority to set its own curriculum. At present, there are 31 NITs and they offer several undergraduate and postgraduate programs especially in the field of engineering.

Looking at the brief history, some of the top NIT Colleges were earlier known as RECs, Regional Engineering Colleges. Later they were transformed to NITs in the year 2002, while the others were established post-2002. For admissions into different undergraduate courses offered at various top NIT Colleges in India, the students have to take JEE Mains. Since 2017, in all the NITs a total number of 19,000 seats have been allocated for the undergraduate programs and around 8,050 seats have been kept open for the postgraduate programs.

Top 10 NIT Colleges in India

Below we have listed some of the top NIT colleges in India. The ranks are the most recent ones given by the NIRF.

Rank College Short Name City State Established
1 NIT Trichy NITT Trichy Tamil Nadu 2003
2 NIT Rourkela NITRKL Rourkela Odisha 2002
3 NIT Surathkal NITK Mangalore Karnataka 2002
4 NIT Warangal NITW Warangal Telangana 2002
5 NIT Nagpur VNIT Nagpur Maharashtra 2002
6 NIT Kurukshetra NITKKR Kurukshetra Haryana 2002
7 NIT Durgapur NITDGP Durgapur West Bengal 2003
8 NIT Allahabad MNNIT Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 2001
9 NIT Calicut NITC Calicut Kerala 2002
10 NIT Jaipur MNIT Jaipur Rajasthan 2002

NIT Colleges Ranking

Human Resource Development (HRD) has approved The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) to rank the top NIT Colleges in India on parameters which broadly cover:

  • Teaching, Learning, and Resources
  • Research and Professional Practices
  • Graduation Outcomes
  • Perception

Other NITs In India

Colleges Short Name City State Established
NIT Surat SVNIT Surat Gujrat 2003
NIT Arunachal Pradesh NITA Agartala Tripura 2006
NIT Jalandhar NITJ Jalandhar Punjab 2002
NIT Bhopal MANIT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 2002
NIT Hamirpur NITH Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh 2002
NIT Meghalaya NITM Shillong Meghalaya 2010
NIT Silchar NITS Silchar Assam 2002
NIT Raipur NITRR Raipur Chhattisgarh 2005
NIT Srinagar NITSRI Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir 2003
NIT Goa NITG Farmagudi Goa 2010
NIT Jamshedpur NITJSR Jamshedpur Jharkhand 2002
NIT Patna NITP Patna Bihar 2004
NIT Delhi NITD New Delhi Delhi 2010
NIT Arunachal Pradesh NITAP Yupia Arunachal Pradesh 2010
NIT Puducherry NITPY Karaikal Puducherry 2010
NIT Sikkim NITSKM Ravangla Sikkim 2010
NIT Nagaland NITN Dimapur Nagaland 2010
NIT Manipur NITMN Imphal Manipur 2010
NIT Uttarakhand NITUK Srinagar Uttarakhand 2010
NIT Mizoram NITMZ Aizawl Mizoram 2010
NIT Andhra Pradesh NITANP Tadepalligudem Andhra Pradesh 2015

Advantages Of Studying In Top Colleges

There are several advantages of pursuing undergraduate engineering courses in top NIT Colleges in India:

  • The culture and level of competition in top NIT colleges in India are almost similar to that of IITs and far better than most of the private engineering institutes.
  • Some of the top NIT colleges in India have placement statistics similar to that of the IITs.
  • The cost of Education in NITs is much cheaper as compared to other engineering institutes.
  • Based on the merit of students, several scholarship opportunities are granted by most of the top NIT colleges in India.
  • The grading system followed in  NITs makes it quite easier for students to score better grades in their semester exams. The performance pressure and expectations are also lower which is very helpful.

Stay tuned with BYJU’S to know more about the top NIT colleges in India and JEE Mains Eligibility and Exam Pattern.

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