Top NIT Colleges in India

Top NIT Colleges In India

Like the IITs, National Institute of Technology or NIT is a group of publicly owned institutes that have been established to deliver advanced learning in the field of science and technology. More significantly, these institutions are recognized by the Indian government and even funded by them. One of the main highlights of these institutions is that they enjoy an autonomous status and each of the institutes has the authority to devise their own curriculum. In addition, they are some of the top engineering institutes in the country. At present, there are 31 NITs located in each state or territory in India.

However, it is worth mentioning that, NITs are among the premier institutes for technical studies after the IITs. More significantly, they fall into the category of top-ranked engineering colleges in India. While IITs are more popular among the aspirants, NITs also offer a high level of education and lots of career opportunities. In essence, they should not be regarded as a bad option for students. NITs have greatly contributed to raising the standard of education in the country and they offer quality education. We will look at a few aspects of NITs and students can even get information about the top NITs in India. 

Top 10 NITs in India

  • NIT Trichy
  • NIT Rourkela
  • NIT Surathkal
  • NIT Warangal
  • NIT Kurukshetra
  • NIT Durgapur
  • NIT Allahabad
  • NIT Calicut
  • NIT Jaipur

NIT Courses

There are several NIT courses that students can choose from. The institutes offer the following programs.

Undergraduate Programmes Post-graduate Programmes
Bachelor of Science Master of Science
Bachelor Of Technology Master of Technology
Bachelor of Architecture Master of Business Administration
Dual Degree comprising BS + MS Master of Computer Application
Dual Degree comprising B-Tech + M-Tech

Most of the candidates opt for the Bachelor of Technology degree during the time of their enrollment. They also have a wide variety of choices in this category. Students can choose their specialty in areas like civil engineering, computer science, chemical and mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and communication engineering amongst others.

Some of the NITs also offer doctoral programs (Ph.D.) where students have to work on a particular project given by certain industries or they can work on their topic of academic interest.

NIT Admission

To secure a seat in some of the top NIT colleges in India, students have to clear JEE Main 2020. NIT admission is solely based on merit that students secure in the entrance exam. Apart from securing a good rank, they will have to register for a counseling session which is conducted by the Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA). After the counseling program, students will be granted admission depending on the availability of the seats in the institute as well as the students’ preference. Since 2017, in all the NITs a total number of 19,000 seats have been allocated for the undergraduate programs and around 8,050 seats have been kept open for the postgraduate programs. 

The current admission policy for NIT states that 50 percent of the seats are reserved for students of the particular state where the NIT is located. The other 50 percent seats are allocated based on the AIR (All India Ranks) of candidates from different states. 

NIT Cutoff

The cutoffs are the minimum marks that candidates need to secure for getting admission into NITs. The admission cutoffs are usually released by JoSAA on behalf of the colleges that are participating in the counseling process. 

Institutes Opening Rank  Closing Rank
NIT Agartala 4,080 25,737
NIT Calicut 470 17,731
NIT Delhi 707 13,423
NIT Durgapur 7,376 21,206
NIT Goa 2,574 18,383
NIT Hamirpur 5,200 12,743
NIT Jamshedpur 3,318 13,041
NIT Kurukshetra 874 8,916
NIT Manipur 10,577 38,742
NIT Meghalaya 12,185 34,830
NIT Mizoram 8,929 34,658
NIT Nagaland 12,466 40,511
NIT Patna 6,861 18,903
NIT Puducherry 5,377 22,276
NIT Raipur 7,280 17,664
NIT Rourkela 1,005 6,091
NIT Sikkim 9,446 31,946
NIT Silchar 2,797 15,557
NIT Srinagar 3,411 29,643
NIT Surathkal 11 4,468
NIT Tiruchirappalli 1,056 15,416
NIT Uttarakhand 5,535 19,466
NIT Warangal 33 2,100

NIT Rankings 2019

As per the 2019 NIT rankings, NIRF has chosen 22 institutes in the top engineering colleges category. Some of the parameters of ranking which are broadly covered are:

  • Teaching, Learning and Resources
  • Research and Professional Practices
  • Graduation Outcomes
  • Perception

The latest ranks are as follows:

Positions NIT State NIRF Ranking
1 NIT Trichy Tamil Nadu 10
2 NIT Rourkela Odisha 16
3 NIT Karnataka Karnataka 21
4 NIT Warangal Telangana 26
5 NIT Calicut Kerala 28
6 NIT Nagpur Maharashtra 31
7 NIT Kurukshetra Haryana 41
8 NIT Allahabad Uttar Pradesh 42
9 NIT Durgapur West Bengal 46
10 NIT Silchar Assam 51
11 NIT Jaipur Rajasthan 53
12 NIT Surat Gujarat 58
13 NIT Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh 60
14 NIT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh 62
15 NIT Meghalaya Meghalaya 67
16 NIT Agartala Tripura 70
17 NIT Raipur Chhattisgarh 74
18 NIT Goa Goa 87
19 NIT Jalandhar Punjab 113
20 NIT Jamshedpur Jharkhand 130
21 NIT Patna Bihar 134
22 NIT Manipur Manipur 148

Advantages Of Studying In NIT Colleges

There are several advantages of pursuing different engineering courses in top NIT colleges in India. They are as follows:

  • The level of competition and the campus culture in the top NITs are quite similar to that of IITs. They are far better than most of the private engineering institutes.
  • The NIT colleges in India also have placement statistics similar to that of the IITs.
  • The cost of higher education in NITs is comparatively cheaper than most private engineering institutes.
  • Based on the merit of students, scholarships are also awarded to them.
  • The grading system is designed in such a way that it will enable students to score better grades in the exams. The performance pressure and expectations are also lower, which is very helpful for students overall well-being.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Top NITs In India

How can I take admission in one of the NITs?

Candidates can get admission in any of the NITs only through Central Seat Allocation Board (CSAB) after qualifying JEE Main examination of the same year.

Which university or body are the NITs affiliated to?

All the NITs are considered as Institute of National Importance and they are an autonomous body under the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

Are there any scholarships provided? How many scholarships can students avail?

Normally, students belonging to SC and ST category are awarded scholarships. Students can avail only one scholarship at a time.

How can a foreign student take admission in an NIT?

A foreign student can take admission under DASA, ICCR and MEA schemes. The student should also satisfy the eligibility criteria set by the different institutions.

What is the minimum percentage required for admission into NITs?

Candidates must score 75 percent or above in the qualifying exam (JEE Main 2020) or rank in the top 20 percentile in their respective boards to get admission into NITs.


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