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Mechanics For IIT JEE


Out of 2 years of standard preparation for IIT JEE, nearly one year is given for the preparation of mechanics. As it is the first concept that we come across in our preparation, we have to learn its basics. Problems in physics can be dealt with different approaches. So rather than adhering to a single approach we should explore other ways and take an approach that suits us. Some of the best books for JEE Main or JEE Advance for mechanics are the books from Arihant publication, Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday & Resnick. While for initial learning, books of Arihant publication are useful but in order to have a concrete preparation, solving H.C Verma is very essential as many of the questions are related to a variety of concepts are given in the book. Some of the most important concepts in Mechanics are vectors, pulley problems in mechanics, rotational mechanics, and heat. If we analyse previous years paper we will find that nearly 50% of the questions every year are from mechanics. So a planned approach is required to study mechanics for IIT JEE.

Mechanics for IIT JEE

Broad classification of different topics in physics as per IIT JEE Syllabus: Mechanics is further divided into two parts

Learning Mechanics

It is very important to learn each concept one by one from the basics because they will be used in the following chapters. For example, a person who is not comfortable with vectors will find it very hard to understand chapters like laws of motion or rotational dynamics as they are completely dependent on the concepts of the vector. So rather than completing the topics quickly, one should focus on learning how to apply the concepts from those topics. Keeping in mind the current pattern of the exam we should also try using some short cut tricks which saves valuable time in the examination. For example, dimensional analysis can be used to solve various problems even if we don’t know the concept concerned with the question. This can prove handy sometimes.

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