IIT JEE 2016- Get Over JEE Exam Fear

Everyone who faces the IIT JEE exam will feel the jitters. You might be either fully prepared or not, either somewhere in between or whatever may be the case; the concept of finally facing the IIT JEE examination inducts fear in almost everyone. But this fear in IIT aspirants is not always stemming from the same reason.

Someone who isn’t sufficiently prepared for a test is scared to actually take that test. Someone who has prepared to the best of their abilities is scared of underperforming due to unforeseen circumstances. A student may be scared of failure or scared of some unknown thing. Whatever be the case, there are a few tips that will help you overcome your fear of JEE exam to a certain extent.

Before The IIT JEE Exam

Adopting certain measures before the exam and during your preparation will help contribute to your ease while finally facing the real examination.

  • Have a plan. Have a realistic study schedule from the day you start your JEE preparation until the date of your examination. Include rest days, revision days, mock test days, concept building days and everything in this schedule.
  • Not being prepared is not an option, Kick Start Your Preparation with enough time in hand. Involve your mentor or teacher or someone who has previously taken the JEE Exam.
  • Time management is an important skill that has to be built. It reflects your effective study plan and how you stick to your schedule.
  • Be clear on concepts before attempting others. Schedule revision days intermittently and not only on the weeks just before the examination. Realizing you don’t know something well during the last days will contribute to your anxiety and not alleviate it.
  • Take planned breaks. Losing track of time and indulging in activities will again contribute to your stress factor because most students feel guilty of wasting time. Instead, plan your breaks in advance. This also motivates you to a certain extent while simultaneously relaxing the brain.
  • Attempt enough mock tests under real exam conditions to give you a feel of the actual full-length exam.
  • On days of extreme mental frustration, physical exercise helps get rid of excess energy in your body and channelize it appropriately. A regular exercise regime is the best option but you can go for this other option as well.

During The IIT JEE Exam

Months of preparation will be in vain if you are anxious and panic during the actual examination. An agitated state of mind is always disorganized. This is why you suddenly blank out or mix up formulas and commit silly mistakes. The following tips can help you tackle these kinds of problems.

  • The most important thing is for you to get enough sleep on the day before the exam. Your thoughts are organized for you subconsciously and retrieving them becomes simple during the exam.
  • One of the common tricks is to mentally make a list of all the possible things that could go wrong during the exam. What would you do in such a case? Going prepared to face the worst is a simple hack which actually helps maintain your confidence level.
  • If you face a mental block during the exam, do not panic. Close your eyes, control your breathing and count backwards from 20. This is a simple breathing technique used to decrease stress levels.

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