HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 4 The Forces

HC Verma Solutions for vol 1 chapter 4 – the forces are available for class 11 physics students who may be having trouble in understanding and solving problems related to the chapter. By preparing for physics topics like these, students are also simultaneously preparing themselves for the IIT JEE exams as well. The HC Verma Solutions for chapter 4 explains the topics about the different forces that are occurring in our world around us. Important topics such as the force of gravitation, the force of attraction are some of the important forces that govern the laws of physics here on planet Earth. With the help of these solutions, students learn about the different forces that govern our universe. Students can also increase their problem-solving efficiency by referring to the solved examples and practising them. This chapter also teaches students about interesting concepts which are utilised in the numerical problems such as Mass of Earth, Weight of Earth, Mass of Satellite, Radius of Earth, Coulomb’s Force etc.

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Some of the main topics discussed in this chapter are:

  1. Gravitational Force
  2. Electromagnetic (EM) Force
  3. Nuclear Forces
  4. Weak Forces
  5. Scope of Classical Physics

Important Question In Chapter 4

  1. You are holding a pen and writing in a notebook. Do you exert any force on the pen? Explain the kind of force. Also, elucidate the force exerted by the pen on the notebook and the force exerted by you on the notebook?
  2. During a meetup, Neils Bohr and Werner Heisenberg shook hands with each. What is the type of force they exerted?
    (a) Weak (b) Nuclear (c) Electromagnetic (d) Gravitational.
  3. Classical physics adequately describes which situation perfectly?
    (a) a hydrogen atom.
    (b) the motion of a dust particle.
    (c) a neutron changing to a proton.
    (d) the motion of a cricket ball.
  4. Do you agree when it is said that the reaction of a gravitational force is always gravitational or an electromagnetic force is always electromagnetic?
  5. A man who is 60 kg carries and moves a man weighing 40 kg man using a force of 60 N.
    What force has the 40 kg man used to push the other man?
    (a) 0 (b) 40 N (c) 20 N (d) 60 N.

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 The Forces Chapter 4