HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 Chapter 4 The Forces

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 The Forces Chapter 4 is another chapterwise solution page that is available for the 4th chapter. These solutions are available for all class 11 physics students who maybe having trouble in understanding and solving problems related to forces. By preparing for physics topics like these, students are also simultaneously preparing themselves for the IIT JEE exams as well. The HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 The Forces chapter 4 explains the topics about the different forces that are occuring in our world around us. Important topics such as the force of gravitation, force of attraction are some of the important forces that govern the laws of physics here on planet Earth. With the help of these solutions, students learn about the different forces that govern our universe. Students can also increase their problem solving efficiency by referring to the solved examples and practicing them. This chapter also teaches students about interesting concepts which are utilised in the numerical problems such as Mass of Earth, Weight of Earth, Mass of Satellite, Radius of Earth, Coulomb’s Force etc.

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1 The Forces Chapter 4

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Football teams T1 and T2 have to play two games against each other. It is assumed that the outcomes of the two games are independent. The probabilities of T1 winning, drawing and losing a game against T2 are 12,16 and 13, respectively. Each team gets 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss in a game. Let X and Y denote the total points scored by teams T1 and T2, respectively, after two games.

P(X>Y) is