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JEE Main 2016 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer keys

JEE Main 2016 Question Papers are a great study tool for preparing effectively for the IIT JEE entrance exam. The question papers not only help candidates practice solving problems but the papers also enable them to analyze their weak areas as well as learn about the question types, format and important topics. Here we have provided different sets of question papers for 2016 JEE Main. Candidates can download them and use the question papers to develop advanced problem skills as well as time management skills.

JEE Main 2016 Question Papers With Solutions

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted JEE Main offline exam on 3rd of April 2016 while the online mode of examination was held on 9th and 10th April 2016. Around 1.5 million students appeared for the exam. Soon after the Exam, JEE Main 2016 question paper (online and offline exam) with Answer keys were also made available on the official website. However, to make it easier for students to access the questions papers we have gathered all the papers along with the answer keys here. Students can download the question paper PDFs as well as the solutions and answer keys from below.

JEE Main 2016 Question Paper

There was a total of four sets (E, F, G and H) in JEE Main 2016 paper with each set having a total of 90 questions. The question paper had 30 questions (120 Marks) from each Physics, Chemistry, and Maths. As per the marking scheme of JEE Main 2016 paper, 4 marks were awarded for every correct answer, while 1 mark was deducted in case of every incorrect answer. Also, there were no negative markings for un-attempted questions.

Download JEE Main 2016 Paper For Offline Exam

Download JEE Main 2016 Paper Online Exam

10th of April 2016 9th of April 2016
JEE Main 2016 Paper JEE Main 2016 Paper

2016 JEE Main Question Paper Solutions

Students can download JEE Main 2016 solutions from the links given below. These solutions are designed by our experts to help students clear their doubts and also understand how the questions are solved. With these solutions, students will be able to study more productively and have an effective overall preparation.

JEE Main 2016 Question Paper Answer Keys

Students can check and compare their answers by downloading the JEE Main 2016 answer keys PDF for both Online and Offline Exam) from the links given below.

All the above papers including the solutions and answer keys for JEE Main 2016 are tremendously useful for JEE Preparation. It also helps IIT JEE aspirants to test their preparation level and also be ready to tackle any type of question asked in the exam.

JEE Main Question Papers

Alternatively, candidates can also download JEE Main previous year question papers from the below links:

JEE Main 2016 Question Paper Analysis

If we take a quick analysis of the JEE Main 2016 paper the questions were well balanced between Physics, Maths and Chemistry section. The syllabus at the time was based on CBSE curriculum of class 11th and 12th. Several questions were theoretical and conceptual based. Around 27 questions were easy, 48 questions were moderate and 15 questions were of comparatively higher difficulty. The questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics were similar in terms of difficulty and length. However, when compared to Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics was on the tougher side. Five to six problems were framed differently in all the subjects. Some of them were also vague.

Physics Section: Problems in Physics were complicated and puzzling but in comparison to the previous year, JEE Main 2016 question paper was a shade tough. There were few problems which had multiple correct answers, leaving scholars in a predicament whether to attempt or leave, additionally some questions had multiple responses.

Chemistry section: The questions were pretty theoretical and memory-based. One or two problems in Chemistry were complicated prima-facie. When matched to the last year, JEE Main 2016 paper was difficult. Few problems seemed to have no corresponding answer in the given options.

Mathematics Section: The paper was moderate but lengthy but when equated to the last year it was a bit tough with few lengthy questions. Furthermore, few problems were unclear and anyone who tried attempting them might have wasted a fair amount of their time.

JEE Main 2016 Paper Difficulty Analysis

Subject Difficult Medium Easy


Total Marks Total


Total Marks Total


Total Marks
Physics 5 20 12 48 13 52
Chemistry 3 12 13 52 14 56
Mathematics 5 20 15 60 10 40
Total 12 52 40 160 37 148

JEE Mains 2016 Question Paper with Solutions and Answer keys

JEE Main 2016 Question Paper Physics

The topic-wise analysis of chapters covered in the question paper of JEE Main 2016 Physics section is mentioned below. Before starting IIT JEE preparations, students are advised to sort out all the important and less important concepts included in the Physics JEE syllabus and prepare them accordingly.

Topic Total Marks Weightage Total Questions
Capacitance 4 3.33% 1
Alternating Current 4 3.33% 1
Electromagnetic Field 8 6.67% 2
Current Electricity 4 3.33% 1
Thermodynamics and Kinetic Theory 12 10.00% 3
Electrostatics 4 3.33% 1
Gravitation 4 3.33% 1
Error in Measurement 8 6.67% 2
Work, Power and Energy 8 6.67% 2
Rigid Body Dynamics 8 6.67% 2
Modern Physics 8 6.67% 2
Electromagnetic Waves and Communication 8 6.67% 2
Geometrical and Physical Optics 8 6.67% 2
Semiconductors 16 13.33% 4
Simple Harmonic Motion 4 3.33% 1
Wave Optics 4 3.33% 1
String Wave 4 3.33% 1
Sound Waves 4 3.33% 1
Total 120 Marks 100 % 30 Questions

JEE Main 2016 Paper Chemistry

The topic wise analysis of JEE Main 2016 question paper Chemistry section is mentioned below. The students can check all the important concepts from Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry syllabus and plan their preparations accordingly.

Topic Total Marks Weightage Total Questions
Hydrogen and Its Compounds 4 3.33% 1
Chemical Bonding 8 6.67% 2
Periodic Table and Periodicity in Properties 4 3.33% 1
P Block Elements 4 3.33% 1
Coordination Compounds 8 6.67% 2
S Block Elements 4 3.33% 1
Metallurgy 4 3.33% 1
D and F Block Elements 8 6.67% 2
Qualitative Analysis 4 3.33% 1
Biomolecules 4 3.33% 1
General Organic Chemistry 8 6.67% 2
Environmental Chemistry 4 3.33% 1
Carbohydrates, Amino Acids and Polymers 4 3.33% 1
Practical Organic Chemistry 8 6.67% 2
Hydrocarbon 12 10.00% 3
Atomic Structure and Nuclear Chemistry 4 3.33% 1
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 4 3.33% 1
Chemical Equilibrium 4 3.33% 1
Solutions and Colligative Properties 4 3.33% 1
Chemical Kinetics 4 3.33% 1
Surface Chemistry 8 6.67% 2
Gaseous State 4 3.33% 1
Total 120 Marks 100% 30 Questions

JEE Main Question Paper 2016 Maths

The topic wise analysis of JEE Main 2016 paper Mathematics Section is provided below. The students can sort out all the important topics and plan their preparations accordingly.

Topic Total Marks Total Questions Weightage
Binomial Theorem 4 1 3.33%
Vector 4 1 3.33%
Circle 8 2 6.67%
Complex Numbers 4 1 3.33%
Parabola 4 1 3.33%
Hyperbola 4 1 3.33%
Coordinate Geometry (3D) 8 2 6.67%
Straight line 4 1 3.33%
Functions 4 1 3.33%
Application of Derivatives 4 1 3.33%
Methods of Differentiation 4 1 3.33%
Limit, Continuity and Differentiability 4 1 3.33%
Area under curves 4 1 3.33%
Tangents and Normals 4 1 3.33%
Differential Equations 4 1 3.33%
Definite Integration 4 1 3.33%
Mathematical Reasoning 4 1 3.33%
Indefinite Integration 4 1 3.33%
Permutation and Combination 4 1 3.33%
Matrices and Determinants 8 2 6.67%
Quadratic Equation 4 1 3.33%
Probability 4 1 3.33%
Statistics 4 1 3.33%
Sequence and Series 8 2 6.67%
Trigonometric Equations 4 1 3.33%
Trigonometric Ratio and Identities 4 1 3.33%
Total 120 Marks 30 Questions 100%

Frequently Asked Questions On JEE Main 2016 Question Paper


Can the JEE Main examination mode be changed once the form is submitted?

Yes, candidates can change the mode of examination. However, it can be changed only from pen and paper-based mode to online (computer-based) mode.


What type of questions are asked in JEE Main?

In JEE Main question papers, candidates will find multiple choice or objective type questions. Usually, four options are provided as answers wherein candidates have to select the correct one. There are 90 questions in total where each subject (Physics, Maths and Chemistry) will consist of 30 questions each. Negative marking is given for incorrect answers.


How many papers are there in JEE Main?

There are normally two papers – Paper I and II in JEE Main. Paper I is mainly for students who are interested in taking B.Tech courses whereas paper II is for candidates who want to pursue a career in B.Arch. Candidates can write either one or both the papers.


Are previous year questions repeated in JEE Main paper?

Well, the questions that are set are most of the time new but they are based on the same concept. There is a small chance that the same questions will appear in every new session of JEE Main exam.


How is the question paper assigned to each student?

JEE Main question paper will be different for each candidate. The questions are usually picked up directly from the question bank and no question sets are prepared. A software algorithm is used that will randomly select the questions for each candidate.

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