Time Management Tips For Students Preparing JEE Main And JEE Advanced

Time is the single most important resource in our lives. Imagine a bank that credits your account with Rs 86400 every morning. The only catch is that there isn’t a carryover from one day to another. Every evening the bank deletes whatever balance you have leftover for that day. So what would you do now? Draw out every single penny,  of course.

Well each one of us has such a bank and its name is ‘TIME’. Every morning we are credited with 86400 seconds and each second that is not utilized appropriately is just written off; just like the unused money. Make sure that, each second counts! Success (IIT-JEE) is just a few billion seconds away.   Since time is the most important resource, knowing how to manage it efficiently is very important. The secret to time management is simple by knowing a few tricks. We shall consider the story of Bahubali with giving parallel references.

Imagine you are a warrior. The love of your life – your dreams & aspirations, more specifically cracking JEE is trapped within a burning castle. The obstacles and spears/arrows of the enemy, that you will have to face to reach your dream are the distractions around you. So how will the warrior in you reach your goal? Razor-sharp focus on the goal by avoiding distractions will enable you to circumvent all distractions and reach the goal.

This is the same with life. We have things that are important and things that are urgent. We always face a choice between the two.  The secret to mastering time management is to focus on important things and give minimum time to other tasks. Humans have a natural propensity of getting distracted by focussing more on trivial things. A conscious effort to focus on the important is crucial for effective time management. Everyone has the urge to reply to that text or answer the mail; and without it, we tend to feel uncomfortable and jittery. The only solution is – learn to suppress those urges, but more importantly how?

So we will basically answer the how part in this article.

How To Manage Time Properly

  • Prioritize and Optimize

There are always innumerable things you might want to do, deciding which is important and which is not can be confusing. Make a list of the 3 most important things you want to do for the day and try your best to accomplish these tasks. It would not only help you to avoid distractions but would also provide a sense of accomplishment.

  • Unplug the TV

Television is addictive, you may switch it on and decide to surf channels just to refresh your mind, but without your knowledge, you spend more than an hour of your precious time.

  • Spend Less Time on Smartphone

It is suggested that you get rid of your smartphone! But considering the importance of smartphones in our everyday life, it is tough to stay away from it. Check when you have free time.

  • Maintain Undivided Focus

In the present trend, the competition is very high. You have to attend school, tuitions, coaching classes, crash courses etc, and to manage everything with the same dedication is a challenge. Whenever you are learning a topic, totally focus on it and ensure you learn everything necessary for exams. If you try to learn a topic for board and JEE separately, you will end up re-learning the topic multiple times. Instead, prepare for boards and JEE simultaneously rather than focusing on the thing you don’t know.

  • Take Help Only When Required

You have teachers to help you with school and your tuition classes, tutors at your coaching classes, parents at your home and even neighbours would be willing to give you suggestions. But taking too much help can end up confusing you! Try to restrict teaching part to just schools and coaching sessions and focus your time more on self-study or learning.

Learning is what makes you aware of the concepts and ideas and not multiple downloads from the teachers. After learning the concepts from teachers, try applying it yourself. You will obviously have doubts, you will make mistakes and this enables you to learn fast. It is not possible, that everything can be imbibed from the classroom, so try to only re-learn things which you didn’t understand rather than doing it all again from your tuition classes.

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You have the ability to do anything you desire. So go ahead and make everyday count!

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